Printer problems

I've just hooked up a scanner, going from: the cpu-to-zip drive-to-scanner-to-printer, which my scanner says is how to do it.  Now my printer doesn't work.
CPU is: HP Pavillion 133/WIN 95
Scanner is: Visioneer Paperport 6100B
Printer is: HP Deskjet 712C
Why doesn't my printer work?
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FoyalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think you can do this with Visual Basic.
maybe you are in the wrong topic area...
I think there must be a conflict with some of the printer and scanner software have you tried re-installing the printer.
tweezerAuthor Commented:
Sorry "foyal", I guess I was in the wrong topic. I guess that's why you didn't try to solve the problem.
Thank you, "damienm".  I did re-install the printer software and it worked.
Maybe I should have got the points then?
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