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Because I have a cable modem, an ethernet card is installed in my home computer.  Because of this ethernet card, everytime I boot up, a window appears that says "enter network password" in the title bar with a user-name box and a password box.  Windows stops booting up until I either enter a password or just click on 'Cancel' before it will finish booting up.  Is there some way to configure windows so this window will not appear.  This is a home pc so I'm not on any kind of network.  I have Win98 2nd ed.  Thanks for your help.

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C0mpudocConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You stated you are not on a network, so there is no need for any network clients (used to login to a network).  Several others have jumped around this one and really have answered you.  If you right-click on Network Neighborhood, go to Properties then REMOVE "Client for Microsoft Networks" and (as michalb said) if "Client for Netware Networks" exists, delete that also.

If this does not work, then I would go with celtics suggestion with the registry hack.  (Be careful with registry hacks - change the wrong thing and you're reinstalling Win98).
I'm not certain if this will work, but try running the Network control panel and selecting "Windows Logon" under the "Primary Network Logon" label. Then make sure your main user account has no password.
When the dialog comes try to click OK without entering any passwords
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What you need to do is right hand click on 'My Computer'(alternatively, Start>Settings>Control Panel>system)

Click on the Device Manager Tab.
Expand the network adapter Title (click on the +)
Double click on the Network Adapter you wish to disable.

At the bottom of the screen you will see under Device Usage:
disable in the hardware profile (Check the box)

Click OK. and restart the PC

Alternatively, (if you feel confident enough).  You may completely remove this reference from the Device Manager by removing and shutting down.  Remove the cover and removing the Network Adpater.

Hope this helps
marckusAuthor Commented:
none of these worked.
Sorry that didn't work.  Try this.
Click on Start>find>files or folders
In the fist box type *.pwl and the PC should look in the system drive the drive where Win** is installed.

All references found should be deleted and PC restart.

Hope this helps
hi marckus. try this.
right click the network-neighborhood icon and select properties. when your in the menu, remove the client.
this schould work.
Sorry that didn't work try this.

Click on Start> Find> Files or folders>
In the Named box enter *.pwl
search System hard disk usually c:\
there should a appear some reference to files with pwl references.

delete all of these and restart the PC

After restart you will be asked to put a password in.  Just enter (nothing whatsoever) to register no password. this will mean that no password will be requested next time you log on.

I hope this works
ismailh changed the proposed answer to a comment
Here is a very easy one:

Get TweakUI. This will log you in automatically. It's available on the Windows 98 CD ROM. Just search for tweakui.inf
Once you have found it on the cd, right click it and select install.

Now, go to your control panels and click on the TweakUI control panel. Select the Network tab and fill in the information.

There you go. No more password.
BTW, ismailh's comment only works for the Windows password, not the networking password.
Your name suits you.
As taken from the website :

Automatic Logon without Name or Password (Windows 9x)
This setting allows Windows clients to logon without entering a user name or password, therefore bypassing the logon box.

1. Using Regedit, open the key below.

2. Create a new String Value, and name it 'Default Password'.

3. Modify the data of 'Default Password' to match the default users password.

The default username is stored at:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Network\Logon] - Username

4. Reboot and the system should automatically logon.

Note: The password is stored in clear text, therefore anyone with access to the registry can see the default password!

Registry Settings:
Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
Value Name: Default Password
Data Type: REG_SZ
marckusAuthor Commented:
nothing has worked so far.  This is the network password, not the windows password.
Try to remove Microsoft Network Client (and if exists Netware Client) in the Network Properties.

Did you even try my suggestion, because I know it works... I use it all the time.
I have the same set up.

What CoolAss says is one way to do it and it does work.  That is what I did on mine.

Sounds like you have "require validation by Network for Windows Access" enabled. To disable it, run regedit and got to Hkey_Local_Machine\Network\Logon
Look for Value Name: MustBeValidated
Change the value of 1 to a 0 to disable this option.
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