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Beep in assembly

How to make a beep in assembly language?

mov ax, 0e07h
xor bx,bx
int 10h

doesn't work when I boot computer from diskette (it works when I boot from C: Windows98)
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rbrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem is that this will only work if the ansi-table is load where Ascii-7 is translated into the bell signal. It looks like you don`t have a correct ansi table on your boot disk.

Try this

mov al,182
out 43h,al
mov ax, 2711 /* 1193180 / 440Hz */
out 42h,al
mov al,ah
out 42h,al
in  al,61h
or  al,11b
out 61h,al /* Now the tune is played */

mov cx,15
mov dx,0
mov ah,86h
int 15h    /* Waits for about 1 sec */
in  al,61h
and al,11111100b
out 61h,al /* Finish the tune */

Your diskette also win98-boot diskette?
->if the ansi-table is load
rbr ,sorry for breaking in ,would you please... tell me what is ansi-table ? load to where?
Thank you very much!!!
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Loading a .sys means what?
run a program or what?

I'm sorry for asking here,rbr.
Just very curious:)
nils pipenbrinckCommented:
ansi.sys installs the ansi display driver.. you can do some neat things with it.. like deleting lines, setting the cursor position, changing colors and so on.

that's a old standard for screen output...  for god's sake it's obsolete on windows machines now. it's a slow pice of (Edited by Computer101) driver imho..

anyways.. it also made it possible to beep the speaker if you print the standard bell character (07 I think).

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