Printing Problems using iostream

I was curious on how to print something while using an iostream.  The program is DOS based and I want to print to be able to print output from the program on a printer instead of on the monitor.  Help Please
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nietodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
basically that is the C++ (instead of C) version of Packman's idea.

The code you sent me looks okay, but you don't print a a form feed at the end.  if the printer is a "page" pritner (one that prints to cut sheet pages, like a laser or ink jet printer) then you need to print a form feed at the end of each page--including the last page to be printed.   You print a form feed using "\f"  like

Printer << "\f";
open file "prn" and write to it.

FILE *fp = fopen("prn", "wb");

fprintf(fp, "Hello world,\r\n");
fprintf(fp, "this is my text on the printer!!!\r\n\n\n");


Is this what you want ?
Right idea but the C++ way woudl be to use an file stream object, like

fstream Printer("LPT1",ios_base::out);

Printer << "This is a test" ;


You can ouput "\r\n" to go to the next line and "\f" to go to the next page.  And on a page printer (laser, inkjet etc) you need to output a "\f" at the end to make the final page print.
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The name of the file you want to print to is "prn", for the default printer or com1, com2, com3... for serial printer, or lpt1, lpt2, lpt3... for parallel printers.
Travis12345Author Commented:
I think Nietod is closest to what I need but it still didn't work.  I can send a copy of the source code to anyone who wants to work with it.
Travis12345Author Commented:
I still can't get it to work but it's alright because my Computer Science teacher doesn't care.
: )
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