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Policy Templates

I need to use W98 policy editor to
1. Force a standard IE start page
2. Set a specific proxy server address
There does not seem to be a template that does this. Is there?
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1 Solution
Sounds like something you would use the IE administration kit for.
insert your win98 CD.... goto ..\reskit\
there will be a 'POLedit' folder
that is the location of the policy editor... to install it,
goto add/remove programs... windows setup... have disk.. then goto the POLedit folder and click on the Policy Editor file and install.

you will then be able to edit those restrictions
bullionAuthor Commented:
I dont think so ViRoy. If you try you will see there is no policy template with those registry switches.
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Microsoft has an IE administrator kit you can download for free after filling out a questionaire.  The kit comes with a text file to explain how to setup IE for deployment on a network with standard setting of your choosing.  I believe the keyword is "IEAK"
whoops, that is exactly what sqenther already suggested!! sorry.
The IEAK does contain .adm files that will do exactly what you are trying to do.

bullionAuthor Commented:
As far as I can see the .adm files in IEAK do have many useful new registry functions. However non seem to be able to do the job required. ie. force an enterprise-wide home page and proxy address, after installing and configuring IE, thru the config.pol file on the server.
I am certain the IEAK is where I found those templates.  I do not use it any more so I can't give you the exact path through the template to the settings but they are there.  That is exactly what we did at one time ourselves.  Now we just install IE that way using the IEAK directly because we want to give those settings to the users but don't care if they personalize them later.

Tim HolmanCommented:
These 2 things are just registry entries - I suggest you search for them and export a .REG file to make the changes.
I think you can also do this with a combination of IEAK and WSP client.
Save this as ex.. ie.adm
And open it in poledit

; *Start****


CATEGORY !!MicrosoftIE4
      CATEGORY !!IE4Tab
            CATEGORY !!CodeDownload
                  KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings"
                  POLICY !!CodeDownload
                        PART !!Path EDITTEXT REQUIRED
                              VALUENAME CodeBaseSearchPath
                        END PART ; Path
                  END POLICY ; CodeDownload
            END CATEGORY ; CodeDownload
            CATEGORY !!Security
                  KEYNAME "Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings"
                  POLICY !!Security_HKLM_only
                        VALUENAME Security_HKLM_only
                  END POLICY ; Security_HKLM_only
                  POLICY !!Security_options_edit
                        VALUENAME Security_options_edit
                  END POLICY ; Security_options_edit
                  POLICY !!Security_zones_map_edit
                        VALUENAME Security_zones_map_edit
                  END POLICY ; Security_zones_map_edit
            END CATEGORY ; Security

            CATEGORY !!Title_Bar
                  KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main"

                  POLICY !!Set_Title_Bar
                        PART !!Set_Title_Bar2
                              VALUENAME "Window Title"
                              DEFAULT !!Set_Title_Bar_Default
                        END PART
                  END POLICY ; Set_Title_Bar
            END CATEGORY ; Title_Bar
      CATEGORY !!NetMeetingTab
            KEYNAME Software\Microsoft\Conferencing
            POLICY !!EnableR11Transports
                  VALUENAME "R11 Compatibility"
                  PART !!EnableR11PSTN CHECKBOX
                        KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\DCG\Modem TDD"
                        VALUENAME Enabled
                        VALUEON "Y"
                        VALUEOFF "N"
                              KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\Transports\PSTN"
                              VALUENAME "Enabled for R11"
                              VALUE NUMERIC 1
                        END ACTIONLISTON
                              KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\Transports\PSTN"
                              VALUENAME "Enabled for R11"
                              VALUE NUMERIC 0
                        END ACTIONLISTOFF
                  END PART ; EnableR11PSTN
                  PART !!EnableR11IPX CHECKBOX
                        KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\DCG\IPX TDD"
                        VALUENAME "Enabled"
                        VALUEON "Y"
                        VALUEOFF "N"
                              KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\Transports\IPX"
                              VALUENAME "Enabled for R11"
                              VALUE NUMERIC 1
                        END ACTIONLISTON
                              KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\Transports\IPX"
                              VALUENAME "Enabled for R11"
                              VALUE NUMERIC 0
                        END ACTIONLISTOFF
                  END PART ; EnableR11IPX
                  PART !!EnableR11NETBIOS CHECKBOX
                        KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\DCG\NetBIOS TDD"
                        VALUENAME "Enabled"
                        VALUEON "Y"
                        VALUEOFF "N"
                              KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\Transports\NETBIOS"
                              VALUENAME "Enabled for R11" VALUE NUMERIC 1
                        END ACTIONLISTON
                              KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\Transports\NETBIOS"
                              VALUENAME "Enabled for R11" VALUE NUMERIC 0
                        END ACTIONLISTOFF
                  END PART ; EnableR11NETBIOS
            END POLICY ; EnableR11Transports
            POLICY !!SelectT120Transports
                  VALUENAME "TransportsSetByPolicy"
                  PART !!EnableT120TCPIP CHECKBOX
                        KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\Transports\TCPIP"
                        VALUENAME "Disabled"
                        VALUEON DELETE
                        VALUEOFF NUMERIC 1
                  END PART ; EnableT120TCPIP
                  PART !!EnableT120IPX CHECKBOX
                        KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\Transports\IPX"
                        VALUENAME "Disabled"
                        VALUEON DELETE
                        VALUEOFF NUMERIC 1
                  END PART ; EnableT120IPX
                  PART !!EnableT120PSTN CHECKBOX
                        KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\Transports\PSTN"
                        VALUENAME "Disabled"
                        VALUEON DELETE
                        VALUEOFF NUMERIC 1
                  END PART ; EnableT120PSNT
            END POLICY ; SelectT120Transports
      END CATEGORY ; NetMeetingTab

; *****************************************************************************


CATEGORY !!MicrosoftIE
      CATEGORY !!ConnectionTab
            KEYNAME "Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel"

            POLICY !!ProxyEnable
                  KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings"
                  VALUENAME "ProxyEnable"
                  VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                  VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0

                  PART !!ProxyServerSet TEXT END PART

                  PART !!ProxyServerSet1
                        VALUENAME "ProxyServer"
                  END PART ; ProxyServerSet1

                  PART !!ProxyOverride
                        VALUENAME "ProxyOverride"
                  END PART ; ProxyOverride
            END POLICY
      END CATEGORY ; ConnectionTab

      CATEGORY !!IENavigation
            KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main"

            POLICY !!Default_Page
                  PART !!Default_Page_URL
                        VALUENAME "Start Page"
                        DEFAULT !!Default_Page_URL_Default
                  END PART ; Default_Page_URL
            END POLICY ; Default_Page

            POLICY !!Search_Page
                  PART !!Search_Page_Tip
                        EDITTEXT REQUIRED
                        VALUENAME "Search Page"
                        DEFAULT !!Search_Page_Default
                  END PART ; Search_Page_Tip
            END POLICY ; Search_Page
      END CATEGORY ; Navigation

CATEGORY !!MicrosoftIE4
      CATEGORY !!ChannelsTab
            KEYNAME "Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Infodelivery\Restrictions"
            POLICY !!MaxSubscriptionSize
                  PART !!Empty NUMERIC
                        SPIN 250
                        VALUENAME MaxSubscriptionSize
                  END PART ; Empty
                  PART !!Zero TEXT END PART
            END POLICY ; MaxSubscriptionSize
            POLICY !!MaxChannelSize
                  PART !!Empty NUMERIC
                        SPIN 250
                        VALUENAME MaxChannelSize
                  END PART ; Empty
                  PART !!Zero TEXT END PART
            END POLICY ; MaxChannelSize
            POLICY !!MaxChannelCount
                  PART !!Empty NUMERIC
                        SPIN 5
                        VALUENAME MaxChannelCount
                  END PART ; Empty
                  PART !!Zero TEXT END PART
            END POLICY ; MaxChannelCount
            POLICY !!MaxSubscriptionCount
                  PART !!Empty NUMERIC
                        SPIN 5
                        VALUENAME MaxSubscriptionCount
                  END PART ; Empty
                  PART !!Zero TEXT END PART
            END POLICY ; MaxSubscriptionCount
            POLICY !!MinUpdateInterval
                  PART !!Empty NUMERIC
                        SPIN 60
                        VALUENAME MinUpdateInterval
                  END PART ; Empty
                  PART !!Zero TEXT END PART
            END POLICY ; MinUpdateInterval
            POLICY !!UpdateExcludeBegin
                  PART !!Mesured NUMERIC
                        SPIN 60
                        MAX 1440
                        VALUENAME UpdateExcludeBegin
                  END PART ; Mesured
                  PART !!Zero TEXT END PART
            END POLICY ; UpdateExcludeBegin
            POLICY !!UpdateExcludeEnd
                  PART !!Mesured NUMERIC
                        SPIN 60
                        MAX 1440
                        VALUENAME UpdateExcludeEnd
                  END PART ; Mesured
                  PART !!Zero TEXT END PART
            END POLICY ; UpdateExcludeEnd
            POLICY !!MaxWebcrawlLevels
                  PART !!Empty DROPDOWNLIST
                        VALUENAME MaxWebcrawlLevels
                              NAME !!MaxWebcrawlDepth0 VALUE NUMERIC 1
                              NAME !!MaxWebcrawlDepth1 VALUE NUMERIC 2
                              NAME !!MaxWebcrawlDepth2 VALUE NUMERIC 3
                              NAME !!MaxWebcrawlDepth3 VALUE NUMERIC 4
                        END ITEMLIST
                  END PART ; Empty
            END POLICY ; MaxWebcrawlLevels
      END CATEGORY ; sz_Channels
      CATEGORY !!sz_Channels
            KEYNAME "Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Infodelivery\Restrictions"
            POLICY !!NoChannelUI
                  VALUENAME NoChannelUI
            END POLICY ; NoChannelUI
            POLICY !!NoAddingChannels
                  VALUENAME NoAddingChannels
            END POLICY ; NoAddingChannels
            POLICY !!NoEditingChannels
                  VALUENAME NoEditingChannels
            END POLICY ; NoEditingChannels
            POLICY !!NoRemovingChannels
                  VALUENAME NoRemovingChannels
            END POLICY ; NoRemovingChannels
            POLICY !!NoAddingSubscriptions
                  VALUENAME NoAddingSubscriptions
            END POLICY ; NoAddingSubscriptions
            POLICY !!NoEditingSubscriptions
                  VALUENAME NoEditingSubscriptions
            END POLICY ; NoEditingSubscriptions
            POLICY !!NoRemovingSubscriptions
                  VALUENAME NoRemovingSubscriptions
            END POLICY ; NoRemovingSubscriptions
            POLICY !!NoChannelLogging
                  VALUENAME NoChannelLogging
            END POLICY ; NoChannelLogging
            POLICY !!NoManualUpdates
                  VALUENAME NoManualUpdates
            END POLICY ; NoManualUpdates
            POLICY !!NoScheduledUpdates
                  VALUENAME NoScheduledUpdates
            END POLICY ; NoScheduledUpdates
            POLICY !!NoUnattendedDialing
                  VALUENAME NoUnattendedDialing
            END POLICY ; NoUnattendedDialing
            POLICY !!NoSubscriptionPasswords
                  VALUENAME NoSubscriptionPasswords
            END POLICY ; NoSubscriptionPasswords
            POLICY !!NoChannelContent
                  VALUENAME NoChannelContent
            END POLICY ; NoChannelContent
            POLICY !!NoSubscriptionContent
                  VALUENAME NoSubscriptionContent
            END POLICY ; NoSubscriptionContent
            POLICY !!NoEditingScheduleGroups
                  VALUENAME NoEditingScheduleGroups
            END POLICY ; NoEditingScheduleGroups
      END CATEGORY ; sz_Channels
      CATEGORY !!Chat
            KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Comic Chat"
            POLICY !!ServerList
                  PART !!ServerListName EDITTEXT REQUIRED
                        DEFAULT !!ServerListDefault
                        VALUENAME ServerList
                  END PART ; ServerListName
            END POLICY ; ServerList
            POLICY !!IRCServer
                  PART !!IRCServerText EDITTEXT  REQUIRED
                        DEFAULT !!IRCServerTextDefault
                        VALUENAME IRCServer
                  END PART ; IRCServerText
            END POLICY ; IRCServer
            POLICY !!IRCChannel
                  PART !!IRCChannelText EDITTEXT  REQUIRED
                        DEFAULT !!IRCChannelTextDefault
                        VALUENAME IRCChannel
                  END PART ; IRCChannelText
            END POLICY ; IRCChannel
            POLICY !!Character
                  PART !!CharacterText EDITTEXT  REQUIRED
                        DEFAULT !!CharacterTextDefault
                        VALUENAME Character
                  END PART ; CharacterText
            END POLICY ; Character
            POLICY !!Backdrop
                  PART !!BackdropText EDITTEXT  REQUIRED
                        DEFAULT !!BackdropTextDefault
                        VALUENAME Backdrop
                  END PART ; BackdropText
            END POLICY ; Backdrop
            POLICY !!Profile
                  PART !!ProfileText EDITTEXT  REQUIRED
                        DEFAULT !!ProfileTextDefault
                        VALUENAME Profile
                  END PART ; ProfileText
            END POLICY ; Profile
            POLICY !!ListRegisteredText
                  VALUENAME ListRegistered
                  VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                  VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0
            END POLICY ; ListRegisteredText
      END CATEGORY ; Chat
      CATEGORY !!DesktopTab
            KEYNAME Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
            CATEGORY !!DesktopSub
                  POLICY !!NoActiveDesktop
                        VALUENAME NoActiveDesktop
                  END POLICY ; NoActiveDesktop
                  POLICY !!NoActiveDesktopChanges
                        VALUENAME NoActiveDesktopChanges
                  END POLICY ; NoActiveDesktopChanges
                  POLICY !!NoInternetIcon
                        VALUENAME NoInternetIcon
                  END POLICY ; NoInternetIcon
            END CATEGORY ; DesktopSub
            CATEGORY !!sz_ActiveDesktop_Title
                  KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ActiveDesktop"
                  POLICY !!sz_ATC_NoComponents
                        VALUENAME NoComponents
                  END POLICY ; sz_ATC_NoComponents
                  POLICY !!sz_ATC_DisableAdd
                        VALUENAME NoAddingComponents
                  END POLICY ; sz_ATC_DisableAdd
                  POLICY !!sz_ATC_DisableDel
                        VALUENAME NoDeletingComponents
                  END POLICY ; sz_ATC_DisableDel
                  POLICY !!sz_ATC_DisableEdit
                        VALUENAME NoEditingComponents
                  END POLICY ; sz_DisableEdit
                  POLICY !!sz_ATC_DisableClose
                        VALUENAME NoClosingComponents
                  END POLICY ; sz_ATC_DisableClose
            END CATEGORY ; sz_ActiveDesktop_Title
            CATEGORY !!sz_WallPaper_Title
                  KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ActiveDesktop"
                  POLICY !!sz_DWP_NoHTMLPaper
                        VALUENAME "NoHTMLWallPaper"
                  END POLICY ; sz_DWP_NoHTMLPaper
                  POLICY !!sz_DWP_DisableChanges
                        VALUENAME "NoChangingWallPaper"
                  END POLICY ; sz_DWP_DisableChanges
            END CATEGORY ; sz_WallPaper_Title
            CATEGORY !!sz_DeskBands_Title
                  KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ActiveDesktop"
                  POLICY !!sz_DB_DragDropClose
                        VALUENAME "NoCloseDragDropBands"
                  END POLICY ; sz_DB_DragDropClose
                  POLICY !!sz_DB_Moving
                        VALUENAME "NoMovingBands"
                  END POLICY ; sz_DB_Moving
            END CATEGORY ; sz_DeskBands_Title
      END CATEGORY ; Desktop
      CATEGORY !!IE4Tab
            CATEGORY !!GeneralTab
                  KEYNAME "Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel"
                  POLICY !!RestrictHomePage
                        VALUENAME HomePage
                  END POLICY ; RestrictHomePage
                  POLICY !!RestrictCache
                        VALUENAME Cache
                  END POLICY ; RestrictCache
                  POLICY !!RestrictHistory
                        VALUENAME History
                  END POLICY ; RestrictHistory
                  POLICY !!RestrictColors
                        VALUENAME Colors
                  END POLICY ; RestrictColors
                  POLICY !!RestrictLinks
                        VALUENAME links
                  END POLICY ; RestrictLinks
                  POLICY !!RestrictFonts
                        VALUENAME Fonts
                  END POLICY ; RestrictFonts
                  POLICY !!RestrictLanguages
                        VALUENAME Languages
                  END POLICY ; RestrictLanguages
                  POLICY !!RestrictAccessibility
                        VALUENAME Accessibility
                  END POLICY ; RestrictAccessibility
            END CATEGORY ; GeneralTab
            CATEGORY !!COLORS
                  KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Settings"
                  POLICY !!GeneralColors
                        PART !!BackgroundColor EDITTEXT
                              VALUENAME "Background Color"
                              DEFAULT !!BGColorDef
                        END PART ; BackgroundColor
                        PART !!TextColor     EDITTEXT
                              VALUENAME "Text Color"
                              DEFAULT !!TextColorDef
                        END PART ; TextColor
                        PART !!UseWindowsColors     CHECKBOX
                              KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main"
                              VALUENAME Use_DlgBox_Colors
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END PART ; UseWindowsColors
                  END POLICY ; GeneralColors
                  POLICY !!LinkColors
                        PART !!LinkColor    EDITTEXT
                              VALUENAME "Anchor Color"
                              DEFAULT !!LinkColorDef
                        END PART ; LinkColor
                        PART !!LinkColorVisited   EDITTEXT
                              VALUENAME "Anchor Color Visited"
                              DEFAULT !!LinkColorVisitedDef
                        END PART ; LinkColorVisited
                        PART !!UseHoverColor CHECKBOX
                              VALUENAME "Use Anchor Hover Color"
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END PART ; UseHoverColor
                        PART !!AnchorColorHover    EDITTEXT
                              VALUENAME "Anchor Color Hover"
                              DEFAULT !!AnchorColorHoverDef
                        END PART ; AnchorColorHover
                  END POLICY ; LinkColors
            CATEGORY !!FONTS
                  KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\International\1252"
                  POLICY !!FONTS
                        PART !!PropFont EDITTEXT
                              VALUENAME IEPropFontName
                              DEFAULT !!PropFontDef
                        END PART ; PropFont
                        PART !!FixedFont EDITTEXT
                              VALUENAME IEFixedFontName
                              DEFAULT !!FixedFontDef
                        END PART ; FixedFont
                  END POLICY ; FONTS
            END CATEGORY ; FONTS
            CATEGORY !!ContentTab
                  KEYNAME "Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel"
                  POLICY !!RestrictRatings
                        VALUENAME Ratings
                  END POLICY ; RestrictRatings
                  POLICY !!RestrictCertificates
                        VALUENAME Certificates
                  END POLICY ; RestrictCertificates
                  POLICY !!RestrictProfiles
                        VALUENAME Profiles
                  END POLICY ; RestrictProfiles
                  POLICY !!RestrictWallet
                        VALUENAME Wallet
                  END POLICY ; RestrictWallet
            END CATEGORY ; Content Tab
            CATEGORY !!ConnectionTab
                  KEYNAME "Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel"
                  POLICY !!ConnectionWizardCompleted
                        KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Internet Connection Wizard"
                        VALUENAME Completed
                  END POLICY ; ConnectionWizardCompleted
                  POLICY !!RestrictConnectionWizard
                        VALUENAME "Connection Wizard"
                  END POLICY ; RestrictConnectionWizard
                  POLICY !!RestrictConnectionSettings
                        VALUENAME "Connection Settings"
                  END POLICY ; RetrictConnectionSettings
                  POLICY !!RestrictProxy
                        VALUENAME Proxy
                  END POLICY ; RestrictProxy
                  POLICY !!RestrictAutoconfig
                        VALUENAME Autoconfig
                  END POLICY ; RestrictAutoconfig
            END CATEGORY ; ConnectionTab
            CATEGORY !!ProgramsTab
                  KEYNAME "Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel"
                  POLICY !!RestrictMessaging
                        VALUENAME Messaging
                  END POLICY ; RestrictMessaging
                  POLICY !!RestrictCalendarContact
                        VALUENAME CalendarContact
                  END POLICY ; RestrictCalendarContact
                  POLICY !!RestrictCheckBrowser
                        VALUENAME Check_If_Default
                  END POLICY ; RestrictCheckBrowser

                  POLICY !!OnlineSupport1
                        PART !!OnlineSupport2
                              VALUENAME "Online_Support"
                              KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Help_Menu_URLs"
                        END PART ; OnlineSupport2
                  END POLICY ; OnlineSupport1
            END CATEGORY ; ProgramsTab
            CATEGORY !!Advanced
                  KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main"
                  POLICY !!RestrictAdvanced
                        KEYNAME "Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel"
                        VALUENAME Advanced
                  END POLICY ; RestrictAdvanced
                  CATEGORY !!Browsing
                        POLICY !!UnderlineLinks
                              PART !!UnderlineLinks DROPDOWNLIST
                                    VALUENAME "Anchor Underline"
                                          NAME !!Always VALUE "yes"
                                          NAME !!Never VALUE "no"
                                          NAME !!Hover VALUE "hover"
                                    END ITEMLIST
                              END PART ; UnderlineLinks
                        END POLICY ; UnderlineLinks
                        POLICY !!SmoothScrolling
                              VALUENAME Smoothscroll
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0      
                        END POLICY ; SmoothScrolling
                        POLICY !!DisableDebugger
                              VALUENAME "Disable Script Debugger"
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY ; DisableDebugger
                        POLICY !!ScheduledSubUpdates
                              KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Webcheck"
                              VALUENAME NoScheduledUpdates
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 0
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 1
                        END POLICY      ; ScheduledSubUpdates
                        POLICY !!PageTransitions
                              VALUENAME Page_Transitions
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0      
                        END POLICY ; PageTransitions
                        POLICY !!UseBrowserFullscreen
                              VALUENAME FullScreen
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY      ; UseBrowserFullscreen
                        POLICY !!FriendlyURLs
                              KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer"
                              VALUENAME Show_FullURL
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0      
                        END POLICY ; FriendlyURLs
                        POLICY !!UseChannelsFullscreen
                              KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Channels"
                              VALUENAME FullScreen
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY ; UseChannelsFullscreens
                        POLICY !!EnablePageHitCounting
                              KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Webcheck"
                              VALUENAME NoChannelLogging
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 0
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 1
                        END POLICY ; EnablePageHitCounting
                        POLICY !!BrowseNewProcess
                              KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\BrowseNewProcess"
                              VALUENAME BrowseNewProcess
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY      ; BrowseNewProcess
                        POLICY !!Autocomplete
                              KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AutoComplete"
                              VALUENAME "Use AutoComplete"
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY      ; Autocomplete
                  END CATEGORY ; Browsing
                  CATEGORY !!Security
                        KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings"
                        POLICY !!WarnifSubmitRedirected
                              VALUENAME WarnOnPostRedirect
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0
                        END POLICY ; WarnifSubmitRedirected
                        POLICY !!WarnifChanging
                              VALUENAME WarnonZoneCrossing
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0
                        END POLICY      ; WarnifChanging
                        POLICY !!ProfileAssistant
                              KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Security\P3Global"
                              VALUENAME Enabled
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0
                        END POLICY ; ProfileAssistant
                        POLICY !!Cookies
                              PART !!Cookies DROPDOWNLIST
                                    VALUENAME AllowCookies
                                          NAME !!AlwaysCookie VALUE NUMERIC 1
                                          NAME !!PromptCookie VALUE NUMERIC 0
                                          NAME !!NeverCookie VALUE NUMERIC 2
                                    END ITEMLIST
                              END PART ; Cookies
                        END POLICY ; Cookies
                        POLICY !!DNSaveEncrypted
                              VALUENAME DisableCachingOfSSLPages
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0
                        END POLICY ; DNSaveEncrypted
                        POLICY !!DELETESAVED
                              KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Cache"
                              VALUENAME Persistent
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 0
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 1
                        END POLICY ; DELETESAVED
                  END CATEGORY ; Security
                  CATEGORY !!HTTP
                        KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings"
                        POLICY !!HTTP11Proxy
                              VALUENAME "ProxyHttp1.1"
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0      
                        END POLICY
                        POLICY !!EnableHTTP
                              VALUENAME EnableHttp1_1
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0      
                        END POLICY ; EnableHTTP
                  END CATEGORY ; HTTP
                  CATEGORY !!Java
                        KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Java VM"
                        POLICY !!JavaLogging
                              VALUENAME EnableLogging
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0      
                        END POLICY ; JavaLogging
                        POLICY !!JIT
                              KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Java VM"
                              VALUENAME EnableJIT
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0      
                        END POLICY ; JIT
                  END CATEGORY ; Java
                  CATEGORY !!Multimedia
                        POLICY !!ShowVideos
                              VALUENAME "Display Inline Videos"
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY
                        POLICY !!PlaySounds
                              VALUENAME "Play_Background_Sounds"
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY
                        POLICY !!SmartImageDithering
                              KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer"
                              VALUENAME "SmartDithering"
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0
                        END POLICY
                        POLICY !!ShowPictures
                              VALUENAME "Display Inline Images"
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY
                        POLICY !!ShowAnimations
                              VALUENAME "Play_Animations"
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY
                  END CATEGORY ; Multimedia
                  CATEGORY !!Printing
                        POLICY !!BackgroundColors
                              VALUENAME Print_Background
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY      ; BackgroundColors
                  END CATEGORY ; Printing
                  CATEGORY !!Searching
                        POLICY !!URLFails
                              PART !!URLFails DROPDOWNLIST
                                    VALUENAME Do404Search
                                          NAME !!AlwaysSearch VALUE NUMERIC 2
                                          NAME !!AlwaysAskSearch VALUE NUMERIC 1
                                          NAME !!NeverSearch VALUE NUMERIC 0
                                    END ITEMLIST
                              END PART ; URLFails
                        END POLICY ; URLFails
                        POLICY !!Autoscan
                              VALUENAME SearchForExtensions
                              VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                              VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0      
                        END POLICY ; Autoscan
                  END CATEGORY ; Seraching
                  CATEGORY !!Toolbars
                        POLICY !!SmallIcons
                              KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\SmallIcons"
                              VALUENAME SmallIcons
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"      
                        END POLICY ; SmallIcons
                        POLICY !!ShowFonts
                              KEYNAME "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar"
                              VALUENAME ShowFonts
                              VALUEON "yes"
                              VALUEOFF "no"
                        END POLICY ; ShowFonts
                  END CATEGORY ; Toolbars
            END CATEGORY ; Advanced
      CATEGORY !!NetMeetingTab
            KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\Policies"
            POLICY !!RestrictFileTransfer
                  VALUENAME "RestrictFileTransfer"
                  PART !!PreventSendingFiles CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoSendingFiles"
                  END PART ; PreventSendingFiles
                  PART !!PreventReceivingFiles CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoReceivingFiles"
                  END PART ; PreventReceivingFiles
            END POLICY ; RestrictFileTransfers
            POLICY !!RestrictAppSharing
                  VALUENAME "RestrictAppSharing"
                  PART !!PreventAppSharing CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoAppSharing"
                  END PART ; PreventAppSharing
                  PART !!PreventSharedClip CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoSharedClip"
                  END PART ; PreventSharedClip
                  PART !!PreventSharingMSDOS CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoSharingDosWindows"
                  END PART ; PreventSharedMSDOS
                  PART !!PreventSharingExplorer CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoSharingExplorer"
                  END PART ; PreventSharingExplorer
                  PART !!PreventGrantingControl CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "WorkAloneOnly"
                  END PART ; PreventGrantingControl
            END POLICY ; RestrictAppSharing
            POLICY !!RestrictOptionsDialog
                  VALUENAME "OptionsDialogRestricted"
                  PART !!DisableGeneralPage CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoGeneralPage"
                  END PART ; DisableGeneralPage
                  PART !!DisableMyInfoPage CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoMyInformationPage"
                  END PART ; DisableMyInfoPage
                  PART !!DisableSDDirPage CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoSDDirPage"
                  END PART ; DisableSDDirPage
                  PART !!DisableAudioPage CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoAudioPage"
                  END PART ; DisableAudioPage
                  PART !!DisableVideoPage CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoVideoPage"
                  END PART ; DisableVideoPage
                  PART !!DisableProtocolsPage CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoProtocolsPage"
                  END PART ; DisableProtocolsPage
            END POLICY ; RestrictOptionsDialog
            POLICY !!PreventAnswering
                  VALUENAME "NoAnswering"
            END POLICY ; PreventAnswering
            POLICY !!PreventAudio
                  VALUENAME "NoAudio"
            END POLICY ; PreventAudio
            POLICY !!RestrictVideo
                  VALUENAME "RestrictVideo"
                  PART !!PreventSendingVideo CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoSendingVideo"
                  END PART ; RestrictVideo
                  PART !!PreventReceivingVideo CHECKBOX
                        VALUENAME "NoReceivingVideo"
                  END PART ; PreventReceivingVideo
            END POLICY ; RestrictVideo
            POLICY !!PreventDirectoryServices
                  VALUENAME "NoDirectoryServices"
            END POLICY ; PreventDirectoryServices
            POLICY !!NetMeetingHomePage            
                  PART !!HomePage EDITTEXT
                        KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing"
                        VALUENAME "NetMeeting Home Page"
                  END PART
            END POLICY ; NetMeetingHomePage
            POLICY !!SetAVThroughput
                  PART !!AVThroughput EDITTEXT
                        KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\QoS\Resources\1"
                        VALUENAME "MaxUnits"
                  END PART
            END POLICY ; SetAVThroughput
      END CATEGORY ; NetMeetingTab
      CATEGORY !!OutlookExpressTab
            KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express"
            POLICY !!HTMLMail1
                  KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Mail"
                  VALUENAME "Message Send HTML"
                  VALUEON NUMERIC 0
                  VALUEOFF NUMERIC 1
                  PART !!DisableHTMLinMail1 TEXT END PART
                  PART !!DisableHTMLinMail2 TEXT END PART
            END POLICY ; HTMLMail1
            POLICY !!HTMLMail2
                    KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\News"
                  VALUENAME "Message Send HTML"
                  VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                  VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0
                  PART !!DisablePlaininNews1 TEXT END PART
                  PART !!DisableHTMLinMail2 TEXT END PART
            END POLICY ; HTMLMail2
            POLICY !!OutlookBar
                  VALUENAME "OutBar"
                  VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                  VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0
            END POLICY ; OutlookBar
            POLICY !!FolderView
                  VALUENAME "Tree"
                  VALUEON NUMERIC 0
                  VALUEOFF NUMERIC 1
            END POLICY ; FolderView
            POLICY !!FolderBar
                  VALUENAME "FolderBar"
                  VALUEON NUMERIC 1
                  VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0
            END POLICY ; FolderBar
            POLICY !!TipofDay
                  VALUENAME "Tip of the Day"
                  VALUEON NUMERIC 0
                  VALUEOFF NUMERIC 1
            END POLICY ; TipofDay
      END CATEGORY ; OutlookExpressTab
      CATEGORY !!ShellTab
            CATEGORY !!StartMenu
                  KEYNAME Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
                  POLICY !!NoFavoritiesMenu
                        VALUENAME NoFavoritiesMenu
                  END POLICY ; NoFavoritiesMenu
                  POLICY !!NoRecentDocsMenu
                        VALUENAME NoRecentDocsMenu
                  END POLICY ; NoRecentDocsMenu
                  POLICY !!NoRecentDocsHistory
                        VALUENAME NoRecentDocsHistory
                  END POLICY ; NoRecentDocsHistory
                  POLICY !!ClearRecentDocsOnExit
                        VALUENAME ClearRecentDocsOnExit
                  END POLICY ; ClearRecentDocsOnExit
                  POLICY !!NoLogoff
                        VALUENAME NoLogoff
                  END POLICY ; NoLogoff
                  POLICY !!NoTrayContextMenu
                        VALUENAME NoTrayContextMenu
                  END POLICY ; NoTrayContextMenu
            END CATEGORY
            CATEGORY !!Shell
                  KEYNAME Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
                  POLICY !!ClassicShell
                        VALUENAME ClassicShell
                  END POLICY ; ClassicShell
                  POLICY !!NoFileMenu
                        VALUENAME NoFileMenu
                  END POLICY ; NoFileMenu
                  POLICY !!NoViewContextMenu
                        VALUENAME NoViewContextMenu
                  END POLICY ; NoViewContextMenu
                  POLICY !!LinkResolveIgnoreLinkInfo
                        VALUENAME LinkResolveIgnoreLinkInfo
                  END POLICY ; LinkResolveIgnoreLinkInfo
            END CATEGORY ; Shell
            CATEGORY !!Printers
                  KEYNAME Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
                  POLICY !!NoPrinterTabs
                        VALUENAME NoPrinterTabs
                  END POLICY ; NoPrinterTabs
                  POLICY !!NoDeletePrinter
                        VALUENAME NoDeletePrinter
                  END POLICY ; NoDeletePrinter
                  POLICY !!NoAddPrinter
                        VALUENAME NoAddPrinter
                  END POLICY ; NoAddPrinter
            END CATEGORY ; Printers
      END CATEGORY ; ShellTab
MicrosoftIE=Microsoft Internet Explorer (added by SCHLEiPSOFT)
MicrosoftIE4=Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 (added by SCHLEiPSOFT)
sz_Channels=Channels Settings
IE4Tab=Internet Explorer
OutlookExpressTab=Outlook Express
NetMeetingTab=Net Meeting
ServerSettings=Mail, news, and directory server settings
HTMLMail1=Change default mail composition to plain text
HTMLMail2=Change default news composition to HTML
DisableHTMLinMail1=Make plain text message composition the default for
DisableHTMLinMail2=mail messages (instead of HTML mail)
DisablePlaininNews1=Make HTML message composition the default for
DisablePlaininNews2=news posts (instead of plain text)"
OutlookBar=Turn on Outlook Bar
FolderView=Turn off Folder List (tree view of folders)
FolderBar=Turn on Folder Bar (line that displays folder's name)
TipofDay=Turn off the Tip of the Day
PreventAnswering=Prevent the user from answering calls
RestrictFileTransfer=Restrict the use of file transfer
PreventSendingFiles=Prevent the user from sending files
PreventReceivingFiles=Prevent the user from receiving files
PreventAudio=Prevent the user from using audio features
PreventDirectoryServices=Prevent the user from using directory services
RestrictVideo=Restrict the use of video
PreventSendingVideo=Prevent the user from sending video
PreventReceivingVideo=Prevent the user from receiving video
NetMeetingHomePage=Set the NetMeeting home page
HomePage=NetMeeting Home Page URL:
RestrictAppSharing=Restrict the use of application sharing
PreventAppSharing=Disable all application sharing features
PreventSharedClip=Prevent the user from sharing the clipboard
PreventSharingMSDOS=Prevent the user from sharing MS-DOS windows
PreventSharingExplorer=Prevent the user from sharing explorer windows
PreventGrantingControl=Prevent the user from collaborating
RestrictOptionsDialog=Restrict the use of the options dialog
DisableGeneralPage=Disable the 'General' options page
DisableProtocolsPage=Disable the 'Protocols' options page
DisableAudioPage=Disable the 'Audio' options page
DisableVideoPage=Disable the 'Video' options page
DisableMyInfoPage=Disable the 'My Information' options page
DisableSDDirPage=Disable the 'Calling' options page
EnableR11Transports=Enable protocols for LiveShare compatibility
EnableR11PSTN=Enable modem protocol for LiveShare
EnableR11IPX=Enable IPX/SPX protocol for LiveShare
EnableR11NETBIOS=Enable NetBIOS protocol for LiveShare
SelectT120Transports=Select enabled set of T120 protocols
EnableT120TCPIP=Enable TCP/IP T120 protocol
EnableT120IPX=Enable IPX/SPX T120 protocol
EnableT120PSTN=Enable modem T120 protocol
SetAVThroughput=Set limit for audio/video throughput
AVThroughput=Average audio/video throughput limit (in bps):
Empty=" "
Zero=(zero disables restriction)
Mesured=Measured in minutes from midnight
MaxChannelSize=Maximum KB of channel subscription
MaxSubscriptionSize=Maximum KB of site subscription
MaxChannelCount=Maximum number of channels
MaxSubscriptionCount=Maximum number of site subscriptions
MinUpdateInterval=Minimum number of minutes between updates
UpdateExcludeBegin=Beginning of range in which to exclude updates
UpdateExcludeEnd=End of range in which to exclude updates
MaxWebcrawlLevels=Maximum site subscription crawl depth.
DesktopSub=Desktop Restrictions
StartMenu=Start Menu
NoActiveDesktop=Disable Active Desktop
NoActiveDesktopChanges=Do not allow changes to Active Desktop
NoInternetIcon=Hide The Internet icon
NoFavoritiesMenu=Remove Favorites menu from Start Menu
NoRecentDocsMenu=Remove Documents menu from Start Menu
NoRecentDocsHistory=Do not keep history of recently opened documents
ClearRecentDocsOnExit=Clear history of recent opened documents
NoLogoff=Disable Logoff
NoTrayContextMenu=Disable context menu for Taskbar
ClassicShell=Enable Classic Shell
NoFileMenu=Disable File menu in Shell folders
NoViewContextMenu=Disable context menu in Shell folders
LinkResolveIgnoreLinkInfo=Do not track Shell shortcuts during roaming
NoPrinterTabs=Hide General and Details tabs in Printer Properties
NoDeletePrinter=Disable Deletion of Printers
NoAddPrinter=Disable Addition of Printers
sz_Desktop_Title=Desktop Settings
sz_ActiveDesktop_Title=Active Desktop Items
sz_ATC_NoComponents=Disable ALL desktop items
sz_ATC_DisableAdd=Disable adding ANY desktop items
sz_ATC_DisableDel=Disable deleting ANY desktop items
sz_ATC_DisableEdit=Disable editing ANY desktop items
sz_ATC_DisableClose=Disable closing ANY desktop items
sz_WallPaper_Title=Desktop WallPaper Settings
sz_DWP_NoHTMLPaper=No HTML wallpaper
sz_DWP_DisableChanges=Disable changing wallpaper
sz_DeskBands_Title=Desktop Toolbars Settings
sz_DB_DragDropClose=Disable dragging, dropping and closing ALL toolbars
sz_DB_Moving=Disable resizing ALL toolbars
ServerList=Change chat server list
ServerListName=Server list;;
IRCServer=Change default chat server
IRCServerText=Default chat server
IRCChannel=Change default chat room
IRCChannelText=Default chat room
Character=Change default character
CharacterText=Default character
Backdrop=Change default backdrop bitmap
BackdropText=Default backdrop
Profile=Change user's profile for Microsoft Chat
ProfileText=User profile string
ProfileTextDefault=This person is too lazy to create a profile entry.
ListRegisteredText=Show only registered rooms in room list
RestrictHomePage = Disable changing home page settings
RestrictCache=Disable changing cache settings
RestrictHistory=Disable changing history settings
RestrictColors=Disable changing color settings
RestrictLinks=Disable changing link color settings
RestrictFonts=Disable changing font settings
RestrictLanguages=Disable changing language settings
RestrictAccessibility=Disable changing accessibility settings
PolicyName=Security Tab Settings
Security_HKLM_only=Use ONLY machine settings for security zones
Security_options_edit=Do not allow users to change policies for any security zone
Security_zones_map_edit=Do not allow users to add/delete sites from a security zone
RestrictRatings=Disable changing ratings settings
RestrictCertificates=Disable changing certificate settings
RestrictProfiles=Disable changing Profile Assistant settings
RestrictWallet=Disable changing Microsoft Wallet settings
RestrictConnectionWizard=Disable calling Connection Wizard
RestrictConnectionSettings=Disable changing connection settings
RestrictProxy=Disable changing proxy settings
RestrictAutoconfig=Disable changing Automatic Configuration settings
RestrictMessaging=Disable changing Messaging settings
RestrictCalendarContact=Disable changing Calendar and Contact settings
RestrictCheckBrowser=Disable changing checking if Internet Explorer is the default browser
RestrictAdvanced=Disable changing settings on Advanced Tab
CodeDownload=Code Download
SearchPath=Internet Search Path
NoChannelUI=Disable Channel UI
NoAddingChannels=Disables adding and subscribing to channels
NoEditingChannels=Disables editing channel properties and channel subscriptions
NoRemovingChannels=Disables removing channels and subscriptions to channels
NoAddingSubscriptions=Disables adding site subscriptions
NoEditingSubscriptions=Disables editing site subscriptions
NoRemovingSubscriptions=Disables removing site subscriptions
NoChannelLogging=Disables channel logging
NoManualUpdates=Disables Update Now and Update All for channels and subscriptions
NoScheduledUpdates=Disables all scheduled channel and site subscriptions
NoUnattendedDialing=Disables unattended dialing by subscriptions
NoSubscriptionPasswords=Disables password caching for channel and site subscriptions
NoChannelContent=Disable downloading of channel subscription content - change notification will still work
NoSubscriptionContent=Disable downloading of site subscription content - change notification will still work
NoEditingScheduleGroups=Disables editing and creating of schedule groups
GeneralColors=General Colors
COLORS=General : Colors
BackgroundColor=Background color
TextColor=Text color
UseWindowsColors=Use Windows colors
LinkColors=Link colors
LinkColor=Link color
LinkColorVisited=Visited link color
UseHoverColor=Use hover color
AnchorColorHover=Hover color
FONTS=General : Fonts
PropFont=Western Proportional Font
PropFontDef=Times New Roman
FixedFont=Western Fixed Font
FixedFontDef=Courier New
Fontsize=Font Size (0 smallest - 4 largest)
DisableDebugger=Disable Script debugger
UseBrowserFullscreen=Launch browser in full screen mode
UseChannelsFullscreen=Launch channels in full screen mode
Autocomplete=Use autocomplete
FriendlyURLs=Show friendly URLs
SmoothScrolling=Enable smooth scrolling
PageTransitions=Enable page transitions
BrowseNewProcess=Browse in a new process
EnablePageHitCounting=Enable page hit counting
ScheduledSubUpdates=Enable scheduled subscription updates
UnderlineLinks=Underline links
ShowPictures=Show pictures
ShowAnimations=Play animations
ShowVideos=Play videos
PlaySounds=Play sounds
SmartImageDithering=Smart image dithering
ProfileAssistant=Enable Profile Assistant
PCT10=PCT 1.0
SSL20=SSL 2.0
SSL30=SSL 3.0
DELETESAVED=Delete saved pages when browser closed
DNSaveEncrypted=Do not save encrypted pages to disk
WarnifSubmitRedirected=Warn if forms submit is being redirected
WarnifChanging=Warn if changing between secure and insecure mode
AlwaysCookie=Always accept cookies
NeverCookie=Disable all cookie use
PromptCookie=Prompt before accepting cookies
Java=Java VM
JIT=JIT compiler enabled
JavaLogging=Java logging enabled
BackgroundColors=Print background colors and images
AutoScan=Autoscan common root domains
URLFails=Search when URL fails
AlwaysSearch=Always search
AlwaysAskSearch=Always ask
NeverSearch=Never search
ShowFonts=Show font button
SmallIcons=Small icons
HTTP=HTTP 1.1 settings
EnableHTTP=Use HTTP 1.1
HTTP11Proxy=Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections
ConnectionWizardCompleted=Simulate completed call
Title_Bar="Title Bar"
Set_Title_Bar="Set text on the Internet Explorer title bar"
Set_Title_Bar2="Enter the text to be displayed on the title bar."
Set_Title_Bar_Default="Microsoft Internet Explorer: SCHLEiPSOFT Organisation"
Search_Page="URL of the search page"
Search_Page_Tip="Enter the URL for the search page:"
ProxyEnable="Should the proxy be enabled?"
ProxyServerSet="Sets values for your proxies separated by semicolons."
ProxyServerSet1="Format: <URL>:<Port number>"
ProxyOverride="For which values should the proxy be overridden?"
Default_Page="URL of the home page"
Default_Page_URL="Enter the URL for the home page:"
OnlineSupport1="Set the URL for the online support materials"
OnlineSupport2="Enter the URL for the online support materials."
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