uninstall dx7


How to uninstall direct x 7
My VIPER dont work fine (open gl is gone and there is some d3d problems)

I need to get back dx6

I try to install again dx 6 but that dont work

I even try to delete some files manualy but that has no efects on dx version eve if i install dx6 files over.

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hewittgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the net.  Hope it helps.  Someone may have an easier way.


How To Remove DirecxtX 7


        To replace DirectX 7 with a previous version of DirectX, it is necessary to reinstall Windows 98.  Allowing your computer to boot from the hard drive, and then running SETUP from the Windows 98 CD, will not work.  When booting from the hard drive, Windows essentially "locks" certain files, and will not allow them to be changed.  This includes the DirectX files, and the Windows registry, both of which must be overwritten if DirectX 7 is to be removed.  The following method has been successfully used on Intel Celeron and AMD Athlon machines.

1.  Place the Windows 98 CD in the CD-ROM drive.

2.  Restart the computer.

3.  Enter the system's BIOS, and change the computer's boot sequence, so the computer boots from the CD-ROM drive.

4.  Allow the computer to boot from the CD-ROM drive, with the Windows 98 CD in the drive.

5.  Follow the onscreen prompts, and allow Windows to re-install itself.  Don't worry, all the other software and shortcuts will still be there.

6.  When Windows 98 has finished installation, it will have replaced DirectX 7 with DirectX 5.

7.  To verify that DirectX 7 has been replaced, run the "DxDiag" utility.  If DxDiag cannot be found, use the "Find" option on the Start menu.

8.  It is now possible to install DirectX 6 or 6.1, if desired.


*  As of 02/04/2000, DirectX 6 was still available from Microsoft.  It may also be possible to find DirectX 6 or 6.1 on a game CD, and install it from there.    I.E. I have a game which installs DirectX 6.1.  I inserted the game CD in the drive (holding down the SHIFT key, so it wouldn't AutoPlay) and opened the CD with Explorer.  I looked for the file "dx61eng" and ran it.  This installed DirectX 6.1 on my computer.

*  "Help!  DxDiag says that some files are the old versions!"

        By re-installing Windows 98 without formatting the hard drive, some residual DirectX 7 files remain.  These files can "confuse" DxDiag.  Simply run the DxDiag tests for DirectDraw and DirectSound.  If everything works, there's nothing to worry about. :)

*  "Help!  My computer won't boot from the CD-ROM drive!"

        Some people may have CD-ROM drives that are not bootable.  Or they may have a version of Windows 98 which does not come on a bootable CD.  If, for whatever reason, the computer cannot boot the Windows 98 CD from the CD-ROM drive, there may be an alternative.  Please note that I have not tested these methods.  They may, or may not, work.

Alternative #1:

        A.)  Boot the computer using a Windows Startup (floppy) Disk, with CD-ROM support enabled.
        B.)  Change to the CD-ROM drive, and run SETUP from the command prompt.  I.E. Type "D:\setup"  and then hit RETURN.  (Make sure the Windows CD is in the drive.)

Alternative #2:

        A.)  Restart your computer in MS-DOS mode.
        B.)  Place the Windows 98 CD in the CD-ROM drive.  Change to the CD-ROM drive and run SETUP from the command prompt.

*  "You rotten &*@&#!  I followed your instructions, and my flatbed scanner (or other device) doesn't work now!"

        It may be necessary to re-install some device drivers, etc.  In my case, it was necessary for me to un-install the software and driver for my flatbed scanner, and then re-install it, to get it working again.  I find this preferrable to formatting my hard drive.

xtvcaAuthor Commented:

Thats fast

Thanks for the great effort to help but if that's what u saying is only way then i'll have to consider downloading beta drivers (viper 550) for dx7.

I was affraid that this is only alternative (reinstalling win98)

I have to many thing programs and utilty's (and just couple days ago i had to reinstall win98 (stupid segate 4.3 made bad sector just in win/system dir so i replace drive and install everything from skratches)


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