Need help setting up a www, mail and intranet server.

Hi there...Hi...

I am very new to linux. This is probably goining to sound very stupid to you.

I would like to setup my own internet, intranet and mail server. I have absolutely no idea where to start.

Our domain is up and running allready at some other ISP but they are more down than up. I can ask them to transfer our domain to the server I want to install but what link can I use (dial-up, ISDN or leased line).

Could you please give me some pointers as to how to configure the servers and how to transfer and enable our domain on the new server. Otherwise you can point me to a location/documents on the web where I can find out how to do this.

Thank you
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First you need to determine what connectivity methods are available (dial-up, ISDN, etc) in your area, how much traffic you expect over the link, and what the costs are. Just about any sort of on-demand link is going to involve an ISP. The direct methods (Leased T1 lines, T1 over Frame relay) may or may not, depending on what you are willing to pay and what's available in your area.

Where you are has a bearing on this also. Some areas are served by a number of providers and there are lots of choices. Other, less well connected areas may not have much, if any, choice at all.

Once you've found a method of connection to the Internet that you can afford and will provide the level of service that you need,the rest is pretty straight forward. There is a lot of information in the various HowTo's ( that you ought to look through to give you an idea of what's involved and how to achieve it.

I could provide exact "do this, do that", but to do so would require that the network connection already exist and a lot more information would have to be known about the environment the servers would run in and what the exact requirements are.
gnortjeAuthor Commented:
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gnortjeAuthor Commented:
Hi jlevie...

thanks for the reply.

I went to How-To and downloaded a few of them like installaion, intranet server, ect. but I am still in a bit of a daze.

I got a copy of Debian from a friend and tried to install it. I am not sure what I did but it seems to be working (but it looks like my NIC is not working).

At my place I got Win 98 PC, Windows NT 4 Server (IIS4, Proxy 2,Exchange 5.5), a Novell 5 Server and now I got the Debian Server. My plan is to use the Debian as my Intranet/Internet Server ( only as test untill I get it right and install it at the company). At the moment I only need to connect to my Debian Server from the Win98 PC and to install the WWW & Mail Servers on Debian. For now I am going to use a normal dial-up to mu ISP. Can you run your WWW & Mail servers through a normal dial-up?

Could you perhaps tell me what the best software for WWW & Mail Servers are to install on Debian. Remember I do not have any experience with Linux/Unix (all I know is to change directory, pwd and ls). I also need to know the commands to configure my NIC again ( I am using a Netgear Fast Ethernet).

Maybe you could put in a little bit of that "do this, do that"?
Thank you

If you can wait until tomorrow (it's really late here right now) I can provide a more coherent explanation and help.
I an very sorry, I accidentally filed my "reminder" about this in the wrong folder and just now stumbled on to it.

Let's see, first I guess we need to get your NIC working. Is that a Netgear FX310-TX with a 21140AE chipset? It is supported by the tulip driver and the info page on it at First things to check will be to see that the card is being detected by linux. Look in /proc/pci for a section referencing an Ethernet contoller. That section will also tell you what IRQ has been assigned and we need to be sure that nothing else is also trying to use that IRQ. As an aside, you do want to be sure that you have PnP turned off in the bios. Linux doesn't use it and things can get confused if it's enabled.

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