Session timeout limit

I have restricted all sessions in my database to last not more than 40 minutes. But the front end session from forms, session is not terminated but the client hangs and ending the task is the only way out.

we use windows 95 + D2K R2.1 + oracle 8.0.4 on HP-UX .

any solution
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Do you have the  resource_limit  parameter to  TRUE ?
Did you executed the Alter System Set resource_Limet = True on your Database ?

The sessions hangs after o before the 40 minutes ?

Are the any table-lock when the session hangs ?

jtriftsMI and AutomationCommented:
You can set a global timer in your forms application and then use a when-timer-expired trigger to disconnect, exit or whatever you wish.

Andrei RodionovCommented:
If you want to limit your clients with an idle time, for example, you should use user profile, i.e.

create profile some_profile limit idle_time 40;    // an idle time is 40 minutes
alter user some_user profile some_profile;

Hope that helps.
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Andrei RodionovCommented:
And some more. Your client application should handle the corresponding Oracle messages (ORA-0314 and ORA-0314) and  terminate itself gently.

Andrei RodionovCommented:
And some more. Your client application should handle the corresponding Oracle messages (ORA-03113 and ORA-03114) and  terminate itself gently.

Andrei RodionovCommented:
Sorry for the dual answer. Show the latter.

jtriftsMI and AutomationCommented:
AGM and Andrew,

Isn't the problem on the forms side?  It seems from the question that ashishn already has set the disconnection from the database side but needs to kill the forms session.

THus the timer in the forms that is set slightly less than 40 minutes should be used to disconnect and close the application.

jtriftsMI and AutomationCommented:
I think using the timer will be less work and easier to maintain than trying to handle a spontaneous ora 03113 error message...e.g. at what level would you try to trap that error in the client?

Andrei RodionovCommented:
Hi, JT!

At the form level. And for any form ;-)

Difine so called property class and set property in any form.

hi !
u can set the time limit for the session to be there on the front screen and once
the sample code is
   Date stime=new Date(session.getLastAccessedTime());
   Date exptime=new Date(System.currentTimeMillis()-40*60*1000);

     //if required create a new session here

ii think this is one way to invaliadte session when the time lapses


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