Hi Folks, how can i make MSIE alike toolbars in VB?? ( i'm using v6 )

thanks :)
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ggilmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Place a regular tool bar in the cool bar. Goto custom properties of the cool bar. There on one of the tabs you will see "child". If a toolbar is in the cool bar, you can choose that as a child. You probably also want to set the style to "flat" for the tool bar and you need as many toolbars in your cool bar as you want panes.
Use the cool bar control.
Cool bar is in this set of controls:
Microsoft Windows Common Controls-3

Make a normal tool bar a "child" of each cool bar pane under custom properties of the cool bar to give it functionality.
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also visit the i think its the name they have a cool looking toolbar. One draw back is that youneed to download their dll file its huge.
BigozsAuthor Commented:
Thanks folks, especially ggilman, i never knew how to use the coolbar, now i get the overall picture but i'm not sure how to make it a "child" ? would appriciate any additional help, thanks :)
The "child" property is on the "Bands" tab.

Use the following settings for normal toolbar:
"Appearance" 0-ccFlat
"Style" 1-tbrFlat
"BorderStyle" 0-ccNone (Default)

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