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replacing hard drive

if i install a new maxtor 10 gig hard drive on my windows 95 machine how can i load my current hard drives info onto the new drive without losing any info
and can i hook my existing second hard drive back in line once i unload my existing drive and have all my programs run properly.
thanks jerry fogelson
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1 Solution
I have done this:
 I assume you have the other programs on disc, its the files and settings you want to keep, right? if so, then just install your new drive as the master, and reassign your old drive as secondary, or slave, install your win95 onto the new HD, then after you install your applications one by one, copy the directorys from the old hardrive overwriting your new installs.. the correct dll's and whatever will be installed into windows via your install, then your overwright of files will put all your settings and files back in place. After you go through and do them all, just format your old drive, starting clean.  You can also get a program to do what you want, like driveimage ( i think is the name) and there are others..... also, by doing what i explained, you'll clear a bunch of stuff out of windows from programs you have deleted in the past.  Hope this helps.

O.k. there is several methods depending on several factors, you select which one is best.

1) you can install the new HD as a slave drive and leave you existing one where it is.  you would never know the difference other than having alot more space.

2) If your motheboard supports Primary and Secondary HD's then all you have to do is plug the new one in and viola! Instant gig's.  p.s. just remember to make sure that the jumpers are set correct.  The diagrams are on the top/bottom of every HD.

3) You could do any two of the above methods and then use software like DriveImage to copy the partitions then remove or not the old one.

You will probably want the new drive for the master being bigger and newer it is likely that it is much faster.

   Why would you like to transfer your whole harddisk, why don't you just make a new harddisk as a slave drive. You can have more than one harddisk running at the same time.
    Anyway if you still insist on tranfering the whole harddisk, here is what you should do. Install your new harddisk as a slave dics, set the jumper correctly and attached it into an empty bus, remember to connect the power supply.
    Power on you computer and set up your new harddisk from BIOS, a lot of newer BIOS alow you to set it to Autodetect, but I usually don't use the Autodetect features, slowing down a bit on startup.
    From C:\>type xcopy c: d: /e/h/k
That should solve it.

Just try it out. If your new harddisk is still empty, you have nothing to lose. If it has something on it, wait for the other experts to respond first. They might have a better way. Or, you can take the risk
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Actually a much easier way exists. When you got the drive did it come with MaxBlast utilities disk? If so, use it. It will allow you to copy every single thing from one drive to another. Assuming you are replacing C: drive, you won't even have to re-install the operating system or anything. Did it on my computer and it worked great. Not sure of the exact option but if you run through the utility to install the disk it will ask you. I believe he proper name for it is "ghosting", though they may use a different name. If you don't get MaxBlast for some reason (it comes with most Maxtor drives I believe but if you are getting it from someone else...), get a copy of Norton Ghost or better yet borrow a MaxBlast disk from a friend. You may even check out Maxtor's web site to see if they have it there. In short, this is how you do it:
Change the jumper on your current drive so it is "Slave". Install the new drive as "Master". Change the system BIOS so it recognizes both disks. Boot from the MaxBlast disk. It will take you through the partitioning/formatting of the disk. Somewhere in here there's an option to copy the info from another drive. Do it. After it's finished, reboot the machine and you should be able to clean off the second disk.

Hi8's soluton works fine but you just spend a lot of unnecessary time re-installing applications.
Hi8, is you reinstall the win95 and some of the application, the setting will be lost. >>>how can i load my current hard drives info onto the new drive without losing any info >>> I think this is the key point. I don't know about DiscImage but if it really does what I think, you should go for it Fogie, anyway the choice is yours. I think I want to know is DiscImage software free ?
I agree with qgilman. But until now, I think xcopy is the simpler solution if you don't have MaxBlast. Anyway after you do xcopy, you would want to switch the jumper again to make the slave to master and the other way around.


Hiap Ho
Harnal.... Thank you... drive image is the name i was looking for.
Xcopy is great for a "command line user" but for ease of use.  DriveImage from www.powerquest.com is a point and click dream come true.  I think that there is a trial version you can download.

I think the key here Fogie is making sure that the HD is installed correctly before worring about the data transfers.

Good luck!
-Jerry the absolute easiest way to do this is to stick the new drive in as a slave. Use fdisk with large disk support enabled & create a partition on the 10gig drive. Use ghost to copy your disk to the  bigger disk. Swap the master to slave and after you verify your stuff is kosher format the second drive.

the maxblast disk that comes with the new hard drive is by far the easiest to copy
your existing hard drive,(image) to your new one.
If you don't have the disk, go to maxtor website and make one.

Drive image is very good, but for what you're doing Maxblast is the best bet.

Walkes you step by step thru the process, without any learning curve as in Drive Image.

Maxblast ids designed specifically for drive installation.
When you have it loaded, it gives you two choices
Partition and format  and advanced options.
Go to partition and format first, and when you are done with that, return to Advanced option,
you may need to reboot, choose it, hit enter, choose copy whole partition and follow prompts.

You get walked thru the whole process with cancel option at any time, and you dont have to install anything on the
ahrd drive, as with drive image, to get the floppy to use.

Download Maxblast, install your new drive, put floppy in drive A and reboot.
Follow prompts.

Use the diskette that came with drive, or download here.


Good luck.
Try this, I used to do it this way.

1. Assume u have 2 disk (existing and new Maxtor)

2. Connect the new disk as secondary

3. Boot up as normal, partition or format the new disk as u want

4. Assume now u have C: (existing) and D: (new)

5. Open up your Windows explorer (do not hide any files), copy the entire contents of C: to D:, except win386.swp, because this is the swap file, cannot be copied.

6. Shutdown and connect the new HDD as master, boot up, if it boots up correctly now, you can plug the old hard disk in and format it or wahtever you like. IF It can't boot up, just boot up with a boot disk, set the partition to active and do a sys c:

7. It would work.
You need to make an image copy of the drive in order to copy
all the tracks, especially if you have passwords and software
serials #s and such.
Copying from explorer does not always copy those items, and you may find
yourself reinstalling software or worse.

Unfortunately, the image copy is exactly what it says, so therefore if you
have errors on the old drive, it will also copy those. You may want to defrag the old drive
and do any other maintanance needed to get it running well before copying.

Of course, if you dont have a lot of software loaded, it would be good to start fresh.
It works in most of the cases, unless u have things that is written to the MBR etc. Never try never know.

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