Cisco to Nortel

I want to configure a Cisco Router to dial into the Nortel 4455 using the ISDN line. How can I go about the same.

The connectivity has gone through, but a ping response stays alive only for about 330 secs.

So, how do I go about doing it the right way.
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apaduaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to enable some type of Routing Protocol, such as RIP or OSPF. You could also add a static route.

From the priviledged EXEC mode, type

routername# config t
routername(config)# ip route add a.b.c.d mask ISDN PORT.

a.b.c.d is the network on the LAN side of the Nortel.

That should do the trick. Please note that this should only allow you to ping the LAN closest to you. If you have various lans on the other side of the nortel, use some kind of routing protocol or type dozens of routes.

AND DO NOT forget to add the route on the nortel, specifying the LAN side of the CISCO router.
You've accidentaly gotten multiple copies of this question entered. I suggest that you go the "Help Desk" and ask to have the duplicates deleted. Otherwise it going to get real confusing when people comment or propose answers scattered across the questions.

On to the problem. Does the connection close after 300sec of inactivity? That would be the "dialer idle-timeout" being set to 300. Or does the connection close even when there is activity?
akash022800Author Commented:
After 250 milisec. the line protocol is down. The dial in connection stays connected.
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Ahh, you aren't successfully connecting. That short of a time could be an ISDN problem. Make sure you've got the correct switch type and the correct form of the SPID's for that switch (call your telco and ask them). To see if it's an ISDN problem you need to look at a debug trace of a call.

It easiest way to do the debug is from the router's console port. I always hook a laptop up and run a terminal emulator. It can also be done from a telnet session to the router, but you need to issue a "term monitor" while in enable mode to get the output re-directed to the telnet session.

To see the ISDN transactions issue the command "debug isdn events" and "debug isdn q931". Then force a call by pinging an external IP. It's hard to say exactly what you should look for as there are a lot of possibilities, but basically if you get any sort of messages that look like a failure indication, they would probably be significant. If the line is properly provisioned and correctly configured in the router, there will be a "normal call termination" at the end.

If the ISDN trace looks okay, turn off the debugs with "no debug isdn events" and "no debug isdn q931". Now you need to run a debug trace on the ppp session. Enable "debug ppp negotiation" and "debug ppp authentication". If it's an easy problem, it'll be that you are just failing to authenticate and you should be able to see why in the debug output.

If it's a hard problem, I'll need to see a lot of information and one of these comment thingees isn't exactly suitable. But lets see how far you get with the above first.  
akash022800Author Commented:
I could go ahead with the ping -
Configuration on the cisco router was changed from frame-relay intf-type nni to DCE - the ping went through.

The Cisco router only pings the Nortel router's serial interface and not the LAN on the Nortel router.
The cisco router learns all the LAN addresses connected to the Nortel but does not ping the LAN.

Do we have to enable rip on the cisco router ?

How did frame-relay get into the picture? I thought we were talking about an ISDN dialup link. What actually is the confi of the Cisco? Is it using a serN interface to talk to a leased line via an DSU, or is it using a briN interface (perhaps through an ISDN Terminal Adapter)?
akash022800Author Commented:
ISDN connected to the BRI port on the Cisco router via NT1. There is no ISDN TA being used.

Basically  - there is remote site (Cisco router)which needs to dial in the central site Nortel 4455 using ISDN.

Since Nortel is being used, we are using framerelay.
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