directx6 /jedi/ examples ?

Posted on 2000-03-17
Last Modified: 2010-04-04

I downloaded header files drom Erik Unger /Jedi procject/ for DirectX6 but I did not found a single exmple on page or in files.

Please if anyone know where can i found some examples or maybe tutorial for Delphi & Erik Unger conversion of directX

I'm new to this teme so begginer tut's or files if possible.

Regards, Vedran
Question by:xtvca
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My fault I found some examples on that page but still I would like to have more info's about this teme
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Hi Vedran,

I agree. This stuff is really difficult to understand. I'm a member of JEDI's graphics team (although mainly focused on OpenGL) and can tell you that JEDI is on the way to create tutorials, samples etc. for all translations. Although we have the power of more than 500 people in the project it is still a time consuming task and it will take a while until the first samples appear there. Until then you need to look around the web to find some examples. I recomend also to try the power search of the news groups on

Ciao, Mike
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there are certainly more stuff for opengl thanks to some people like mike ;-)

cant wait for those jedi directx examples.

xtvca do you know about "delphi games creator" or delphiX,maybe you can learn from them in mean time,i dont know any else for delphi with directx.

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Author Comment

ID: 2627809
Thanks folks.

I thnik the tutorials  idea is great thing.

Mike, I was on your open gl page couple day's ago and i have downloaded your open gl 12 with simple example
also I have downloaded some pdf tutorial but i think that's to much for someone who's trying to step in 3d programming. The tut is (if i'm not wrong) to specific and not 'delphi' orientated.

But Idea like jedi is great stuff
I hate MS Visual C++ and I have not time (or strenght)to struggle with that complicity just to be able to use stuff like direct x or open gl. So people go forward with tutorials and dont forget to do it simple as possible.

Thanks for the tip I also downloaded Hori's delphix compnents but only thing negative in that is that I'm affraid to be dependent on one man good will & time to translate stuff like dx.
There is no insurance that some day tommorov Hori will have no interest or time to develop this material and people like me will stuck in the nowhere.

That's the power which MS products have.
Certain guarantiees that tommorow you will have all what you need to work and that time and money which you have invested to gain knowledge of their products will be long lasting investment's

I know that that is litle deeper then this question should go. Sorry

It's just great error that Borland (which strongest product is Delphi(If I shold choose MSVC++ vs Borland C++ then I choose MSVC for practical reason's)) das not support groups like JEDI or that there is no official borland DirectX/Open Gl lib for Delphi.

[sorry for my english]
My regards and thanks again.


I will accept mike's comment beacous he was first.

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ID: 2627903

I should add that Borland indeed supports JEDI. In particular Borland officially recognizes JEDI as the group with the brightest future. Danny Thorpe (senior R&D devloper) as well as some other "core" people of Borland are listening to the main mailing list of JEDI. There is also an article about JEDI somewhere on Borlands web site. I just cannot remember the link but if you go to JEDI's portal page then there should be a link to this article somewhere.

BTW: OpenGL is also supported by a wide range of companies (including Microsoft, which is a normal ARB member as any other like SGI, HP, IBM etc.). So it is also sure that it will continue to grow. Apart from this OpenGL is ways easier to handle than Direct3D. I recommend that you also look at Ah yes, I should also mentioned that recently SGI's OpenGL implementation (SGI was the inventor) became Open Source...

Ciao, Mike

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Is there official lib for OPENGL to be used in delphi ?

I know that there are some warious implementation like on mollywares home page and Your's.

I'm waiting for tutorial for Your implementation.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I did'nt found any on your page except of some offical OPENGL explanation in pdf format

Regards, Vedran

P.S. I'm not good with all this stuff so I'm asking beacouse maybe I did'nt understund this matter wery well.

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Delphi includes since version 3 the OpenGL header file which is quite up to date in D5. I don't know the other translations, but my one is towards OpenGL version 1.2, which to be expected later this year, at least with the first service pack for W2K (don't know about the other platforms).

Unfortunately, I have not much samples or tutorials but for OpenGL but there are meanwhile quite a lot of resources for Delphi with OpenGL on the web. Just search for them!

BTW: Just to convince you a bit more to go with OpenGL. I have not seen any application using DirectX which was not a game, but there are more and more applications using OpenGL for serious tasks. 3D Studio Max is one of them. The preview is made using OpenGL. There are also already 3D Desktops which can hardly use DX because of its exclusive nature. For much more examples go to!

Ciao, Mike

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