Corrupted IE5 and probably W98

Hi, I am using W98 2nd edition and IE5 on a dell , notebook

At the moment, IE 5 is definatley corrupted : I get this messagebox when I launch it, it still continues to work but many pictures are not showing

IEXPLORE a causé une page page failure in the
module <unkowned> at 0000:f2826c4d.
Registers :
EAX=00000000 CS=017f EIP=f2826c4d EFLGS=00010246
EBX=00000001 SS=0187 ESP=01faee4c EBP=57927271
ECX=013f4b20 DS=0187 ESI=013f4b20 FS=597f
EDX=816edf74 ES=0187 EDI=013f3719 GS=0000
Octets à CS : EIP :

another thing is that the overal performances of W98 are rather low
(I think something is taking much memory)

I have an antivirus (McAfee) with the last updates,
w98 and IE5 are at the last updates,
I have norton, utilities that sees nothing,
I tried to repair IE5, to reinstall it, to reinstall w98, nothing did it.

The next step would be to reformat the drive and to reinstall everything from scratch, but I would like to avoid it

Has anyone go a clue ?

regards, Marc
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BJC031400Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I think your problem is that you reinstalled Windows 98 SECOND EDITION ontop of Win98 Second Edition.  When I do that, everything is fine; everything BESIDES the DUN (Dial-Up Networking) and Internet Explorer 5.01 (IE 5.5 BETA doesn't get screwed up).
  If you can still connect to the internet with that computer, then my instint is defeated, but it happens every time I do that on any computer I repair (just about 8 of them, of different brand names, too).
  What I would do if I have to reinstall, (this is a bit difficult, and might not give you the results you want) is to back up EVERYTHING, format your computer, and install Windows98SE onto it.  This is just my way of doing things; reformat.  Only reformat if you're sure you can live with a bit different system (in a way that it'll never exactly the same as the system you have now).
  I would recommend first is to uninstall IE5, repair it, or repair Windows 98 (IF you haven't already done so).
Windows 98 gets bloated from time to time. Unfortunately the best solution for this is your last resort. I would suggest backing up all your data and reinstalling Windows. I usually do this on a bi-yearly basis. Also, make sure you get all the latest Service Packs just in case.

The best way to do this is to keep all your important data on a separate partition and just keep reinstalling 98 every 8-12 months. You could also make an image of your system partition after reinstalling and just use that every time you need to reinstall.
Before re-installing completly, try this first.  

IE5 has a built in repair feature.  If you goto Add/Remove Programs, select Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and click Add/Remove, a box will pop up asking you if you want to Add a component, Repair Internet Explorer, or Restore the previous Windows Configuration.
Click repair and let it do its thing.  

This has fixed IE5 problems for me in the past, I hope this helps you.

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mhervaisAuthor Commented:
Raquel thanks. In fact my othe machines was like this but this one came oalready installed with one partition only :-)

SolarisMan, Thanks too. I said in my question that I already trued to repair ie5.

I think the solution would really be to get rid of ie5 or at least the faulty part of it before to repair it or to reinstall it. It might be a wrek in the registry too, but norton utils see nothing. because the repairing tool does not seem to see the problem.

regards, Marc
"I have an antivirus (McAfee) with the last updates,
                       w98 and IE5 are at the last updates,
                       I have norton, utilities that sees nothing,
                       I tried to repair IE5, to reinstall it, to reinstall w98, nothing did it. "

That combo seems to be a surefire killer for disaster.
Disable or remove Mcafee and Norton.
Repair IE5 and use SFC for win98.
After you have win98 working properly, you can reinsatll the others, but you may want to have them run on demand and not when you dont need them.

- What i've done several times when faced with re-installing is.. rename windows and program files to .old and reinstall in c:\windows. At least you cant lose anything that way. After a few weeks or whatever delete the old crap. Test your new install without the Mcafee for a little while. Dont over-do the scanning options.
mhervaisAuthor Commented:
Please CenterV what is SFC?
System File Checker in win98

to execute go to
Start/Run   type: SFC and hit enter.

Let sfc check you system for any corrupted files and replace them.
Have your win98 cd handy.

mhervaisAuthor Commented:
CenterV Norton was installed without the antivirus so it should not interfeer with mcafee.

I tried your solution that was indeed interesting but still producing problems.

I think I will have no other choice than reinstalling w98 after a complete format. because this machine is being totally unreliable.

Thanks for the help. I think that the points will go  to BJC, because although his treads solves nothing, it describes the fact with more accuracy.

regards, Marc

Norton utilities on its own, with or without Mcafee
can be very problematic.
Keep that in mind when you reinstall, and look for any updates or patches for it.
Good luck.

mhervaisAuthor Commented:
Thanks CenterV

In fact I am using Norton 3 updated for years, without installing antivirus, and without having it running on a permanent basis, and I have been very satisfied until now.

Windows makes a lot of mess after a short while, specially with developers like me who keep on installing and deinstalling things, and sometimes produces memory leaks, and it is the best tool I found up to now to keep it stable.

Best regards, Marc
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