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Form Display Problem

I've completed a VB6 project, packaged it and deployed it to CD.  It works, but when the program is loaded onto a laptop/notebook some of the forms do not cover the entire screen and stuff that was/is centered on PC isn't centered anymore.  I have the forms maximized, but it doesn't show on the laptop.  THis effect seems especially severe on gradient forms.  How can I fix it so that no matter what platform the program is loaded on, the user sees the same display??
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Make sure you have the WindowState design time property set to TRUE.


Sub formName_onLoad()

formName.windowState = 2 'maximized

end sub

Either will maximize the for any monitor.

Good luck!
Have you got it on the same setting?

i.e  800 x 600 True colour
I'm sorry i misunderstood the question.  If you have the forms maximized go the the VB IDE and go the View and select form layout and verify if the perticular forms are centered there.

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This may well be something to do with screendrivers. With some notepad computers there may be a viewable area different to the actual resolution, ie the visible screen may be 800x600 but the screendriver allows panning around an area of 1024x768. In this case your app will think it has 1024x768 to play with when it hasn't which may cause problems.
If I understand your description correctly it sounds like you're having a resolution independence problem. There are a number of ActiveX controls that can help you resolve this issue and if it's severe might be the best route to take.

See if the following helps:


there is other code out there...frmElastic and it's not shareware it's freeware..I'm at work so I don't have the code with me but I have it at home ...if you want a copy of the code
enyaw24@yahoo.com and I'll send it to you this weekend.
I remember seeing a similar post before involving the same problem when installing their app onto a laptop.  Leads me to believe that it is most likely a screendriver problem.  Especially if none of these other proposed answers are the solution. Just to check you can always put this in your form_load event:

Me.Height = Screen.Height
Me.Width = Screen.Width
Me.Top = 0
Me.Left = 0
I've had the same problem.  If the program is installed on different models of laptops and some work and some don't, it could be the video driver on the laptop.  I found that if I had the users download and load the most current drivers from the internet the problem was fixed in almost every case.  Don't know why, but it might be worth a look.
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