can anyone tell me whr I can get Internet control pack for delphi 2.0? I need the files html.ocx, ftpct.ocx,smtp.ocx, and all those that fall under that category.
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it sounds like you have standard version of d2 ,you cant have the netmasters comps unless they came with your version of delphi.(they came with pro & cs versions)

but you can have either winshoes ics :
or f.piette's ics as epsylon suggested.
I'm not sure what you want but if you want some internet components then look here:

PraKashAuthor Commented:
version doesn't matter. I only need the ICP components. May then be the latest version, still can manage.
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ICP is part of Delphi Developer (version 2).  

Delphi's  deploy.txt file says, "The version of each of these OCXs shipped with Delphi may be  redistributed in custom Delphi applications.  Such redistribution is subject to the Additional License Terms for Development Products."

But i don't see any "additional license terms" in any og the other files.  So, I think the Delphi License allows one to redistribute these files.  (Otherwise I don't think they will be of much use. !)

So, I guess I can rightfully send you a "custom  Delphi Application", with these controls (if you like). - and if no one who has a better udnerstanding of "Delphi licences" points out to the contrary :-)
sorry to bring bad news but that is in violation of licience  aggreement.
if PraKash needs these type of components then he has no choice but to use 3rd partu components like the ones epsylon and i gave links to.

<start quote from licience agreement>

  Regardless of any modifications
which you make and regardless of how you might compile,
link, and/or package your programs, under no circumstances
may the libraries (including runtime libraries), code,
Redistributables, and/or other files of the Software
(including any portions thereof) be used for developing
programs by anyone other than you.  Only you as the
licensed user (or the Named User for your entity) have the
right to use the libraries (including runtime libraries),
code, Redistributables, or other files of the Software (or
any portions thereof) for developing programs created with
the Software.  In particular, you may not share copies of
the Redistributables with other co-developers.  

<end quote>

where can i find the license agrement ? My Delphi 2 directory contains only four text files (deploy, readme, relnotes, and manuals).  

sorry. inthe is the top expert here, and if he says it's a violation of the License agreement, then i am sure it is.

Hypothetical Q for inthe & others:

If I distribute a "Custom Delphi Application" (say together with the Borland's License statement & redistributables) , and if the user of my program starts to use these redistributables in his development, then am I violating the Lic. agreement ?   (Note: I am NOT sharing the redistibutables with a co-developer, but rather giving away my application)

In that case how can anyone distribute any programs, without the risk that the person at the receiving end may use the "redistributable" OCXes, DLLS for his/her development ?
it was in licience.txt ,maybe you find its on your cd ..

about the hypothetical question you should make a licience aggrement in your programs as well that states to the user that they cant use ocx's etc  for developing/redistributing etc,this then covers your back.

PraKashAuthor Commented:
oh oh oh thats a lot of english goin on in here. Please tell me whr I can find these 3rd party components. I went to the site u gave me inthe. It has all the ocx alright but I don't think we can get a installable version from there. I used to get this from any site as a 6 mb file that installs all these. Unfortunately the site is closed now and am unable to get it frm anywhr.
>> "oh oh oh thats a lot of english goin on in here"

I don't understand why you are getting so "oh oh"ed about it.   This is an open forum IN ENGLISH, and that's why you're seeing lots of it :-)

The experts are here to share the ideas and your attitude seems a little out of place. (you sure would note that the discussion was pretty relevant to your question).

Have Fun.
what do you mean you cant get an installable solution ??

you just donwload the components (they are not ocx) install them in delphi,write your program ,sell it etc ..what is problem ?

PraKashAuthor Commented:
Sure man I will d/w the files couldn't do them the other day only so I couldn't see it. And hey ahalya, I didn't understand anything abt the licence and so I said that.
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