System locks up on modem disconnect


This is happening on my sister's system, so I don't have it in front of me. It is an older machine (about 2 years) running windows 98.

Whenever the modem disconnects, either from phone noise or at the end of an internet session, the system freezes. No blue screen, the three fingered salute does nothing, but you can hard boot.

Any general suggestions, or has anyone else heard of such a thing?

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m_warConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1)reinstall modem driver for a diffrent I/O Address + Port.
2)update modem driver.
3)change slot, the most importent thing is to check for conflicts with the mouse port.
Good Luck,
I had the same problem on me system.
A win 98 system with a usr modem 56k.
I try a lot of thing.
the only last solution I try was to take a backup of all my precious file
and to reformat the disk and to reinstall win98.
I know this is a bit discouraging but now it work
Until when ???

oneeyeAuthor Commented:
Already tried that, I'm afraid. Didn't even work after the full nuke and reinstall.

We'll be trying another brand of modem shortly, I think.
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This is familiar to me too...

Just on a lark, is your modem built in to the motherboard?

If its not, try to move the card from one slot to another... doesn't matter which.

Like this...

Use the control panel... remove the hardware


move the card

turn the system on

let the hardware auto install
(I hope you have the latest drivers)

see if it happens again

get back to me...
I with maxmars - I did the same thing and it worked for me.
oneeyeAuthor Commented:
Going down to play with it tonight, will let you know.

Gee - is there an echo in here

oneeyeAuthor Commented:
Well, I got an error last night trying to respond, let's try again:

Downloaded the latest drivers, deleted old ones, reinstalled, no change in behaviour.

Moved modem to a different slot, reinstalled drivers, modem now could disconnect normally, but the computer can't detect the modem after disconnecting without rebooting.

So, we went out and spent $30 and bought another modem, installed that one, and it works fine.

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