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I Would like to know if Ghost by Symantec or other similar software is capeable of making an "Image Disk" that would contain all my applications on a stand alone PC.
I like to format my PC every 6 - 10 months to get rid of ALL the Unwanted junk.

Re-instalation is time consuming, and an Image is used in many PC's, so I thought that burning an image to a CD may reduce the restoration process.
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tonnybrandtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It takes me 6 minutes to restore my pc completely with Ghost 6 and burned image on CDROM.
I have completely stopped correcting errors in my system, because it's much faster just to roll the old image in.
When you create an image of your HD, it's worth the effort of tuning your installation first. Meaning: everything is working ok and fast. Youl'll benefit from it every time you roll the ghostimage back in.
You'll probably need a second hd in the machine or access to a networkdrive at the time you create the image. Boot up on a floppy with ghost.exe on it and create the image, then start your computer normally and burn a cdrom with ghost.exe and the created image.
To roll the image back in you'll only need a bootdisk with CDrom-support.
Good luck with it.
Ghost 6.0 is a great tool for imaging and take it from me: restoring an image is a lot faster then reintalling everything.
Also PowerQuest Image is another great tool for makin an image of your HD. Personaly, I think PowerQuest Image is much easier to use than Ghost.
We use Ghost at work for 2200 PCs. Works great.
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