win98 doesn't start completely!

There will open only the first start page with win98 logo and it stops working. So where is the problem?
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siricConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you just install a new driver or application?  

When the system  says "Starting Windows 98", press the F8 function key.  This will display a start menu.  Select "Safe Mode" and see if Windows boots.  If it does, have a look around to see if you can remove the new driver or application.  If you have not installed something new, just shutdown from Safe Mode and reboot the system.. Sometimes, Windows may just have a glitch and need you to run safe mode and reboot from there.

If the system still does not boot up, again press F8 on boot up and select "Step-by-Setp confirmation".  This will allow you to see if there is a particular command in the config.sys or autoexec.bat that is causing Windows to hang.  If you get to the point where it hangs, comment out that line in the file and reboot and see if it boots ok.  If it does, then check to make sure that the file being loaded in the config.sys or autoexec.bat is present and has not been corrupted.  If so, replace it.

By using the menu mode you should be able to find oout where your problem is.

As soon as you see the win98 logo (called a "splash screen") press the ESC key once to kill the graphic. "Underneath" you'll see DOS character mode text. If the splash screen comes back just hit ESC again (this doesn't delete the graphic, just disables it for the moment). As programs load and execute, they display text and sometimes error messages. Depending upon your system configuration, this text can be just a couple of lines or several screens full of stuff.

What is the last line you see displayed?

Also, did the system ever work? Is this a new development? Did you just install Win98 on the system?

Finally, (tiny possible "aha!") do you by any chance have both Norton AntiVirus and McAfee VirusScan installed? If so, make sure the line invoking Norton Antivirus comes _before_ the line for McAfee in AUTOEXEC.BAT.
neoxAuthor Commented:
no,no,no, I forgot to write that often windows starts without any problem and sometimes it stops working in the first splash screen, sorry...
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I still think that Windows is having a problem loading some device driver.  Run Scandisk to see if there are any errors on the diskand if it will correct them.  Sometimes it won't, so what i do is to make a note of the file where the corruption is located. rename it and reload a new version of the file.  When you rename it it will stay on the faulty part of the disk and hopefully, the new file will be loctaed in an error free area.

So still try the F8 procedure to see it it hangs up when loading a particular file, then try the above.

neoxAuthor Commented:
i think I should install some service pack, because there are no errors on my hardisk
Have you ever loaded an SP and if so, which one ?
neoxAuthor Commented:
I haven't loaded any in win98.
Okay, sometimes the system boots up and works, and other times it hangs at the splash screen, right?

Siric is on the right track here--it's just about gotta be some driver problem that's happening before your regular desktop appears.

Have you noticed whether, on those occasions when it hangs, the splash screen first appears and then a few seconds later, when it would normally disappear in favor of the higher-resolution graphical desktop, it instead "bounces" and reappears, and stays there forever?

By "bounces" I mean that the splash screen will blink out and repaint itself, but that it happens so fast you can generally only see a brief motion toward the bottom third of the screen; you could call it a "bounce".

If that's happening, your system is hanging at the point it should be switching video modes. I've seen this on about three completely disparate systems. Each time, a Safe Mode boot would always work, but regular boots worked infrequently and less as time went on.

I haven't ever found the root cause, but suspect registry damage. Or maybe aged components in the video card or monitor or both just can't deliver enough juice to effect the mode change, I dunno. It can be fixed by some combination of:

(1) removing every last trace of the video card drivers you normally use, switching instead to Standard VGA and making sure you can boot using that driver _more than once_, then reinstalling the video drivers you normally use;

(2) removing your monitor from Device Manager and either allowing Windows to redetect it on the next boot, or allowing the redetect and then installing the .INF file for your specific monitor; and/or

(3) using the regedit export/delete/recreate trick to clean some of the trash from your registry (this last one requires detailed explanation and, while not difficult, is potentially dangerous and worked a lot faster in Win95 than it does in Win98, where it frequently requires several hours to export the registry to a file from which you later recreate a fresh registry; if you want to try this you should ask for the step-by-step).
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