Multiple Bitmaps on My PC

I develop a "User Interface" consisting of 10 bitmap displays
simultaneously on the screen.I need it to run on any 1 Mbyte VGA graphic
(the speed is not important).

The problem is that not any of the bitmaps is displayed as it looks in
the Paint program.All of them are partialy Grayscaled or even full

Few words on the environment:
1. The development and the productions environment are the same:WIN95.
2. I use Bitblt and Strechbilt function on the bitmaps.
3. I create the pictures myself with Photoshop V. 4.0 and I can control
the output format as required by the software.

Does anyony has an idea what can I do to fix it?
It can be an advice about the bitmap mode(indexed,RGB...),or about
programming technics in the software.

Thanks in advance

Izack Lesher
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thethunderboltsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try out the following.

Go to image - mode - rgb color

I think you'll find you are running this on 256 colour mode.

To avoid losing colours the bitmaps have to:
*Share the same palette
*and the palette should contain all 16 standard windows colours in the 1st 16 colours of the palette.

The easiest way to do this is to reduce the colours in Paint Shop Pro.  This has the ability to create bitmaps with the embedded standard windows palette.

If this has no effect then you'll have to reduce them all to the standard 16 windows colours.

I think Version 4 of photoshop came with the windows standard palette, to apply this, select image/mode/index color then select system(windows).
Alot of people are confused about "bitmap". Some people use the term to describe any pixel based image. Others use it to describe a STRICT black and white 1 bit image. Which way are you using it?
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Weed wrote:
Others use it to describe a STRICT black and white 1 bit image

Lesher Wrote:
All of them are partialy Grayscaled or even full Grayscaled.

Think this answers your question weed... They were initially colour images that have been "partialy Grayscaled or even fully Grayscaled"

How does one partially greyscale an image?..heh

What SHOULD these images be?...1 bit or greyscale? What do you WANT them to be?
> How does one partially greyscale an image?..heh

I think he means that he is losing colours on parts of an image...  You get this when the palette swaps on a 256 colour windows diaplay.
nils pipenbrinckCommented:

have you tried to convert the image, that they only use 32 shades of gray?

This will give gdi enough freedom to remap the image.. you can also include the 20 (or 16?) standard windows colors...

I remember that windows color mapping was bad.. I don't know how I solved the problem, but somehow I did (it was in 1996 when I last wrote something with gdi in 256 colors).

Shall we ask EE to delete this Q?. No responses to our questions.
Yeah but I hate it when people can't be bothered to check their posts and leave the question to time out.
How did that get accepted as an answer?
Who knows.....
some people !
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