ie5 setup error

I downloaded IE5 but when I try to install it I get the error message:
Setup was unable to install all the compnents.Please close all applications and try running Setup agin(which I tried three times,with no success).
Then the help screen reads:
It appears you have the correct setup files, but installation failed. Try closing down all other programs and try running Setup again. If that still does not work,contact Microsoft Product Support Services for additional help.(which I did, and recieved no help)
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Just had this happen .....
What I did was redownload then ctrl+al+del to have only explorer and systray running, make sure you are not logged onto the internet or a network then it installed great.
Usually a reboot will fix this problem.
I gotta ask....?
richc032000Author Commented:
tried reboot which didn't  help
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Sometimes open microsoft products will cause installation problems with other microsoft applications. Do you have Office startup bar on your desktop. This is a usual cause for error. If so, close it and try again. Other than that, you may have corrupt installation files. Did you download it or get it on CD?
richc032000Author Commented:
Don't have Office startup bar on desktop,and I downloaded  it from MS
The biggest problem I know of with IE5... did you have any beta version of IE eg IE4? if yes... that has to be uninstalled first.. then do a restart and install 5... (these little problems are why I use Netscape instead..)
Another idea,
the cab files could be corrupt.  Have you tried re-downloading and re-installing?


Ie5 requires the installation of IE4 first. You can't go from IE3 to IE5 direct.  
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