win 98 startup problem

When I start, I receive following errors:
"The following files are missing or corrupt:  C:\windows\himem.sys
C:\window\dblbuff.sys  C:\windows\ifshlp.sys   Cannot find, unable to continue loading windows."  When I search for these files they are in C:\windows.  How do I fix?
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This files seem to be corrupt or spoilt, so u can recopy from other PC with the same OS, or better still just install back Win98. Especially, is it important to start up u PC.
good luck...
If you find them then they are corrupted.
They are on your win98CD but in cab files and have to be extracted.
I assume you can not start windows so you can't use SFC(system file checker)
You may have the best results by just reinstalling win98.

Good Luck
I would suggest, as previously suggested, to re-install Win98. You can go into Safe mode to accomplish this(hit F8 durring the first part of your boot up as when it says 'starting windows') then just do a re-install and this should put you back in business.

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Can you boot into safe mode?

If you can, click start - run - sfc - enter, and let utility look for the files that are corrupt for you.

Just a shot.


Look at your path statement.  Is there a reference to path
You may have loaded something or something happen to not allow this path.

Hope it helps.

Ok, download a W98 boot disk and cdrom drivers from then boot with it, go to the cdrom drive (normally d:) then type setup.
That will leave all your files.

The better way to do it is to run format c: /u from the boot disk (this will erase all your data) then install windows again.
Why Dont u try Setup of WIN98 instead of Re Installing..
After Setup it will correct the corrupted files or missing files. this will also set the path in ur Autoexec.bat as well as this updates config.sys file and also there is no harm as ur all data will be safeat ur disk...
if u format or Install it then u may not get the Programs what ever r there. The windows registry may change...
So better go for setup of win98.
But Boot the Comp with Windows 98 StartUp Disk...
This will clear ur problem.
I had also faced the same problem 1 month back and I have done the same thing and its now running well.

All the Best
Have A Nice Time

Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Tom, Try this,

Using the Win98 startup floppy (if your system is Win98SE, using the Win98SE startup floppy) to start up your computer.

Then go to the c:\> prompt, "rename config.sys config.old" without the quotation mark and press enter. Same again for "rename autoexec.bat autoexec.old" without the quotation mark and press enter.

It looks like this: -
C:\>rename config.sys config.old
C:\>rename autoexec.bat autoexec.old
It will list config.old and autoexec.old but there is no config.sys and autoexec.bat.

Next, transfer the system command to the root of C: drive from A drive and press enter.
A:\>sys a: c:            

Then take away the startup floppy from A drive and restart the computer.
See if it can restart to the safe mode or normal desktop.

If it can, you may copy back some lines containing in the config.old and autoexec.old to a new file of config.sys and autoexec.bat.

Here, your old file of config.old and autoexec.old may contain some inappropriate lines. If you've any queries, please post it here for our study.

On Dos Prompt write the following :
do this with all of the files that you need.
and then copy them to c:\windows (overwrite them if you'll be asked.
Good Luck,

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