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I am building a Cisco router lab at my house.  I took the Cisco Academy courses at a local community college.  I have scheduled the CCNA exam for next month.  I'm setting it up so that I can practice for the ACRC (and others) exam.
1.  2 AccessPro router cards (standatd ISA).  I have installed these in 2 seperate PC's.  They communicate to the PC through an internal COM port.  I use HyperAccess as the COM program.
2.  I have an ADSL connection to the internet through
3.  6 PC's (that includes the 2 PC's that already have the AccessPro cards in them).  I'm hoping to get a bunch of old 486's donated to me.
4.  OS = WinNT and Win98.  HOWEVER, this is simply to get the whole thing working uniformly at first.  My OS of choice is OS/2 and recently I installed LINUX on one of the PC's.  My plan is to have all of the major OS's on as many machines as possible.

1.  The ADSL line goes into a CSU/DSU unit then into the DSL modem (I know it's not really a modem).  From there it goes into (via UTP Cat5 cable) a standard 10MIPS NIC.

1.  I want to be able to use the DSL line with the AcessPro to access the internet.  I'm thinking that the first AccessPro can be used as an internal gateway to my little LAN.  
2.  From there, I want to use the the second AccessPro (hooked up to the first) AccessPro to simulate a WAN connection.
3.  Connect the remaining PC's(more to come) to hubs. And if I have any money left, maybe I can stick in a bridge or switch.

1.  Will the AccessPro (which is connected to the DSL line) act as it's own NIC?  In other words, do I simply take the NIC that the DSL modem is going into now out of the computer?
2.  Can I use Cisco Fast Setup to achieve the initialization values?  I downloaded it yesterday and here is an excerpt from the ReadMe:
Cisco Fast Step Dial for Cisco 2500 series access servers, Version 1.0
Last updated: October 30, 1997

This Readme file includes the following sections:

INTRODUCTION ******************************************************************

Welcome to the Cisco Fast Step Dial for Cisco 2500  series access servers.

Cisco Fast Step Dial software allows you to swiftly configure the Cisco 2500
series access servers so that remote users can dial into your network.

I'll be doing this over the next month and I'll try to diagram this better in the next week.  I only have general thoughts as to what I want to do.  
All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Matt Ryan

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cdukesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The DSL modem is nothing more than a bridging device. You will have to have a router with two ethernet cards in it and use nat overload on your outside interface while running an internal pool of ip addresses on the inside interface.
Alternatively, if you can't afford a router with two nics, you can try using linux with two nics. shows you how to set it up using only a 486 with 8 megs of ram and no hard disks.
ryan3dAuthor Commented:
Revise and extend my remarks:

After reading my question, it became apparent to me that it appears that the AccessPro cards are already hooked up to the DSL line.  They are not.  Right no my DSL line connection is simply going into 1 PC with no AccessPro card in it.
I'm not familiar with the accesspro isa card, but if its just like a true 2600 router, it should have a normal network card... however, most dsl modems pass the ip onto the machine, similar to DHCP, and I don't think the router is capable of receiving that ip...

however, if you have a static ip for your dsl, you can program that on the ethernet interface on the router, and then setup NAT on the router, to allow all of your computers to get to the internet...  use private ip's on all of your machines...

question about the isa cards, does the router have a virtual interface of some sort for the pc that it is in, or a second ethernet port?  for proper routing, i would think a second ethernet, or a virtual ethernet interface...

fire away with any other questions or comments :)

ryan3dAuthor Commented:

1.  The AccessPro is a 2500 series router.  It's like the difference between an internal modem and an external one.  I believe that the AccessPro doesn't need a NIC because it already resides in the computer.  Kind of like the modem analogy again.  I don't know for sure because I haven't tried it yet.  I'll be trying to set this up over the next month so, time is not of the essence for about 6 weeks.

2.  I've been using the DSL for about 2 years and even though my winipcfg tells me I have a DHCP server, the address has never changed.  So maybe I can make this work.

More questions and comments to follow and all are welcome.


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