Is there any way to allow me to login as root ?

I have redhat 6.0, Is there any way to allow me to login as root instead of using user and su to server.

Remark :I remember someone tell me one of the secuity file from /etc/ ...

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alien_life_formConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Yes you can, but if your machine is on the internet it is a bad, BAD idea. Lamers with scanners and automated password guessing tools will then be able to probe root directly, and that's unnerving.

However. The file you're looking for  is /etc/securetty. you can stick some ttyp<0..9> in there, besides the consoles you'll find. Alternatively, you can take the securetty stuff off /etc/pam.d/ files (on a second thought, forget I wrote this - mucking around PAM is not best for your machine health).

As activity on these files can lock you out of your machine, exercise some caution and keep a backup terminal handy.

From another question of yours on this same forum, I understand you are mostly working as root on your machine, and my advice is: don't. Create another user and su as needed.

Sooner or later you'll give some sort of bonehead command (we all do) and, if you do that as root, you'll regret it dearly. If you really really need to be root all the time, at least stick alias rm='rm -i' in /root/.bashrc

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