Load a href with SCRIPT

Please go look at my site:
Set your screen res. to 800*600 or lower

The an alert pop's up saying: "Hey the site is best viewed using ../lores.htm try go there"

But I want it to be automatic. The SCRIPT shall load the lores.htm when the resolution is to low.

That meanes the script shall automaticly take the user from the site
http://ejmidi.bizland.com to

How is that done ??
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BhargavaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Replace:(in the left frame)
<script Language="Javascript">
 if(screen.width<1024) alert("Warning: Your resolution is under 1024*768. For better view please go to http://ejmidi.bizland.com/lores.htm");
<script Language="Javascript">
top.location.href = "http://ejmidi.bizland.com/lores.htm";

hope this helps
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