VERY URGENT - Help with laptop CDROM Drivers

I have a new laptop - Packard Bell
PII - Celeron.  At present it
has no O/S. It boots from
floppy, however I want to get CDROM
working to get Win 98 installed.
Got no drivers for CDROM or boot disk
for laptop's CD-Drive.  Help - how
do I get the CD-ROM working?????
Very very urgent responses required.
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
packard bell doesn't make laptops.
they did a long, long time ago but they don't anymore.

here's a link for a 98 bootdisk which will do what you want
go to bootdisk .com and you can download a copy of a bootup floppy
You might just need to make your laptop boot from your CDROM drive first rather then floppy.

What's the model number of the notebook?
It's quite possible that a standard WIN98 boot disk will work.  You can get the cd-rom drivers from
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