How do you read a DLL or OCM file?
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ajmcgarryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try right-clicking and then quickview on DLL's to get the info about then and all there functions calls. The same might work for OCM's.
Jason IveyLevel 3 TechCommented:
Since most DLL's are compiled reading them will be difficult unless you know the compiler used.

I think there is an addittional tool in the "Powertools" on the Win98 CD.
You can't make anything usefull out of a DLL file. Even if some of the comments here could tell you the functions present in the dll, it will not tell you what the parameters to these calls are, and then it's useless.
Sunshyn63Author Commented:
Thanks! That helped, but not sure what I am exactly looking for once there. I will figure something out!
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