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Here I am again, your frustrated friend. I'm still trying to help my friend out. Her well-meaning grandson installed Windows2000 on her new CPU and since it is incompatible with AOL4.0 and 5.0 he installed AOL3.0 which is so antiquated and hard to use. I would like to uninstall Windows2000 (which is more OS than she will ever need) and install Windows98. She is willing to pay the price for being able to use her computer again. The Windows 98 Second Edition seems to be an upgrade. Where and how can we install Win98 and get rid of the Win2000? Please help get this 81-year old darling back on the net. Thank you.
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1 Solution
There are a couple of options for you.

1. You can either partition the Hard drive and install Win98 on the new partition ;or
2. Re-format the whole Hard drive, and re-install Win98 new on the PC

I think the reason that AOL won't run is because it is a big change from a DOS based OS to one that is not based on DOS. A good idea would be to wait for Windows Millenium to come out which is the upgrade for Win98. Win2k is the upgrade for Win NT 4.0

Luck to ya.
try to make a boot disk, and then launch it.
FORMAT C:, and install windows 98 SE on a clean hard drive.
I can assure you man, you wont regret it.
or if you want to mess around with the DBR fileds (which can take more time then what you can imagine to recover the BOOT problem/s).
this I think is the best soloution.
Good Luck,
Well if her copy of windows98 is an upgrade it should be pretty easy.
the upgrade disc contains the full version, it only checks for a previous valid/participating microsoft product such as Windows95, 98
before installing
Have these items avaliable a windows98 disc (first edition) or win95 (version a,b,etc...), a few formated floppy.

I'd try this if she's willing to loose everything and start over again
idea 1
1) make yourself a bootable floppy with CD-Rom support
2) format the c: drive
3) boot-up with your boot disc you just made (note:this is a                  windows2000 boot disc)
4) put the windows98 upgrade(second edition) disc into CD-Rom drive     run the setup file which is located in the Win98 dir
5) Win98 SE should begin the installation procedure, it's going to            check your computer for a previous operating system, then it            should ask you to insert a qulifing product into the CD-Rom to
    satisfy the upgrade requirements, then Win98 SE should install with     no problems.

idea 2
1) make yourself a bootable floppy with CD-Rom support
2) put a windows95 or windows98 (first edition) disc into the CD-Rom
    and copy the file to a floppy
3) format the c: drive
4) boot-up with your boot disc you just made (note:this is a          windows2000 boot disc)
5) put the floppy disc that you copied the win9x from
    in the floppy drive and copy the file to the c: drive
6) at this point take all disc out of drives and it should reboot
7) put the windows98 upgrade(second edition) disc into CD-Rom drive     run the setup file which is located in the Win98 dir
8) Win98 SE should insall with no problems

This should do the trick, remember you'll have to install AOL and any other programs she may have used again, wish I knew a simpler way
good luck
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Hi Marj,

As makisupa said, the only way you can legally install an upgrade is to have another OS which Microsoft allow you to upgrade from.  This includes Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, OS/2 and maybe NT Workstation 3.51 or 4 (not too sure about this).  If you do not have any of these products, legally you can not do the upgrade.

However, if a friend has a copy of any of these products, maybe you could borrow the CD/Floppy for a while.  I am not suggesting that though ;)

MuzzMan.  Your "answer" has not answered Marj's question at all.  What you have suggested will not work.  You are only new here (according to your profile), and therefore may not be aware of the standard policy of DON'T ANSWER THE QUESTION UNLESS YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SO BY THE QUESTIONER.  It locks the question preventing other experts from adding comments.  Please unlock the question so it can be evaluated by other experts.


PS.  The AOL browser never ran in DOS.  It has always been a Windows based product - AOL 3.0 definately wasn't a DOS based app.
MarjAuthor Commented:
To Stuart: Would you be willing to walk me through this process? My friend is willing to purchase the Win98 Second Edition which supposedly is the full edition. I will have to back up her Quicken data, and should I also back up her Quicken application which is Quicken 2000 Basic. I don't think she has the CD for this either. She has Win2000 Professional which she would like to replace with Win98. Can the Second Edition do that? Can a Win98 UPG replace Win2000? This is all so unsettling. And I don't understand the first step up there: Make a bootable floppy with CD-Rom support. I will have to be led by the hand. But it is something I would love to do for her. Would you help me? I will surely increase the points for that!
Sure.  No problem, but as makisupa was the first person to suggest using the upgrade option from another OS, it is only fair that you give them the first option at answering the question for you.  If they are happy with me doing it, no problems at all, but I don't want to play on other people's territory without their permission ;)

What you need to do should be fairly easy, and there'll be no problems assisting you at all.

I'll keep an eye on this thread and help out where needed if you get stuck.


I'd love to help you out, how would you like me to walk you through the steps ?  backing up data files shouldn't be a problem should be pretty
straight foward.  As for the question about "She has Win2000 Professional which she would like to replace with Win98. Can the Second Edition do that? Can a Win98 UPG replace Win2000?"  I'm not to clear on what your really asking, I'm pretty sure you can't install an old OS version  over a newer one.
well let me know what kind of extra help you need.  

MarjAuthor Commented:
I am rejecting MuzzaMan's answer as I feel it wasn't as complete as I would have liked.
MarjAuthor Commented:
My friend is truly upset that we really haven't come up with an easy answer. She is ready to throw in the towel. I have emailed AOL to find out if in fact the 4.0 and 5.0 are truly incompatible with Windows2000. If they aren't, we shall just download 5.0 and she will be okay again. If not, I just don't know at this point what to do. Rest assured that I truly appreciate the help all of you have been, and I am learning a great deal from your answers. Until later, thanks. Marj
MarjAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much for your comment. I just hope that I can help my friend out. Will see tomorrow how she feels about reformatting her hard drive.
You will need to reformat the hard drive.  Windows 98 can not downgrade a version of NT (Windows 2000).  Chances are, you are running NT's High Performance File System (HPFS) as well which is incompatible with Windows 9x.


make a boot disk or antivirus bootdisk
restart your computer with the boot disk and wright this:sys c:
this will lunch the privios version of win 98.
delet win200.
good luck.
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