Learning stored procedures

I want to learn and experiment with stored procedures and triggers. But, the default databases installed with Delphi (paradox and dbase) don't seem to support stored procedures. What software do I download and install so that I can learn stored procedures? I want links to freely downloadable software, tutorials, etc.

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almost all sql database support stored
you can find a trial version of Microsoft SQL Server, and it's book online is a good tutorial.
Also, you can try to use Interbase shipped with delphi c/s version. (interbase version 4 is free??)
Hi Skanade,

Some more links worth looking at:

http://w3.one.net/~jhoffman/sqltut.htm - An SQL Tutorial

Some online books

http://www.doc.csti.ru/db/SQLin21/index.htm - Teach Yourself SQL in 21 days
http://docs.rinet.ru/O8-3w/index.htm - Teach Yourself Oracle 8 in 3 weeks
http://docs.rinet.ru/Krikun/index.htm - Oracle 8 Unleashed

skanadeAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention that a tutorial would not be so useful unless I can download and install the server that supports it. I will appreciate links to the software.
skanadeAuthor Commented:
I found the Interbase server on my CD that supports it. I had not installed it earlier.
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