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Password Recovery for Cisco 677

I got a Cisco 677 ADSL router from my local telco.  The router does not come with any documentation and is password protected.  I downloaded the documentation from Cisco web site.  With the documentation, I know how the pins works, and knowing how to use a terminal program to access the router using a serial to RJ45 cable.

The only remaining is the password.  I found the password recovery session for Cisco 600 series, but it is password protect for registered user only.  I am not able to register since I am not buying the router and I am not a CCIE.

Can any one help and tell me how to recover or reset the password for Cisco ADSL 677 router?
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The steps below describe how to recover a password on the Cisco 600 series of routers.

Step 1: Enter RMON mode.

To do this, follow the steps below:

Connect your PC to the console port of the router.

Set your Terminal Access Program (such as HyperTerminal in Windows) to the following settings:

Baud rate: 38400 bps recommended (standard 9600 bps possible)

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow control: None

Power cycle the router.

As soon as you see the Hello! prompt, type Ctrl-C.

You are now in RMON mode.

Step 2: If you need to save the configuration file, execute the following command:

db fef80030 100

This command prints the configuration to the screen. The last number indicates the number of bytes to display. Use a value of 100 bytes or more for the number of bytes to display.
Note: You must use the enable password command for the password to display encrypted during password recovery.

Step 3: Look for your encrypted password.

The text of the password will be altered by two letters. For example, using the key a = c, b = d, c = e, and so on, the password "cisco" would be "agqam".

Step 4: (This step is optional.) Erase the current configuration.

An example is shown below:

=>es 6

Erasing sector 00000006...
Sector erased


CBOS v2.0.1.01

Note: This step reboots a Cisco 600 series router with no configuration. You will need to redo the configuration and then use the write command to save the changes to NVRAM.

Step: 5: Reboot the router.
wkAuthor Commented:
Yes, it works!  Thanks.  But can you explain a bit more on the statement "You must use the enable password command for the password to display encrypted during password recovery"?

Up to now, I can access the CBOS of my router.  But can you tell me how to recover the enable mode password?  Since some setting feature need to be done in the enable mode.

Once again, thank you very much for your kind attention.

If you have performed the erase of the current config, you should be able to make the enable password whatever you want.  I believe these little guys authenticate by username and priviledge assigned to that user, instead of the classic Cisco "exec" and "enable" modes.

Command for setting the enable pass is:

set password enable <new-password>

Also, they have a nifty little web interface - turned on by the command:

set web enabled

Then just browse to the IP of the router.

BTW, CBOS stands for Cisco Broadband Operating System.
wkAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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