Problem saving to server via Asante ethernet

Recently, for no apparent reason, we have been getting an error message when trying to save work or updated files to our file server which is all connected with asante ethernet.  The message claims that the files cannot be saved because the disk is full on the server, which it isn't.

This occurs only while trying to save from within an application (e.g., updating a ClarisWorks file, then trying to save it to server).  However, if the file is first saved to the desktop or the local hard drive or even a floppy diskette, and then dragged to a folder on the file server, this error msg. does not appear and the file copies without problem to the server.

This is becoming a real pain as I deal with 400+ students/week trying to access, update and save files from the server.

We are using PowerMacs, 5400/180 and 5400/200 models, and are networked via AppleTalk through Asante.

Thanks for any help.
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I dont suppose youve run norton on the server lately? Perhaps it could use a fresh system? Especially if it gets alot of use and it hasnt been cleaned lately.
I really doubt it has anything to do with the asante hub. It sounds like its possibly a bug in Claris Works which is now growing old. AppleWorks which replaced it is now in version 6 and it switched to AppleWorks at version 5. My suggestion for the moment is to leave the files on the server and open them THROUGH the network. DONT copy them to the local mac where youre then forced to save them back to the server. Just open the file directly from the server. If you have to, make 20 copies of the file on the server and give each user on the network a "Their Name Folder" for all of their stuff with their file in it.
loinclothAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry, but I really haven't been helped by your answer.

True, I have discovered that we can apparently save Appleworks files to the server. But the problem is, we used to be able to save files from ClarisWorks and all of our older programs (e.g., Bilingual Writing Center) to the file server, and now, suddenly, we cannot.

Also, we are accessing the files directly from the server, working on them without saving a copy to the local hard drives, and at the end of an hour, I have the kids try to save the updated files to the server and then we get the error messages.  So what I end up doing is saving their files to diskettes, and then later dragging the lot of them over to the file server.

We utilize Bilingual Writing Center a lot at our school, and the purpose of the server is so that the kids can work on their projects both in their classrooms and at the lab.  This problem has thrown a monkey wrench into the whole scheme of things.

Why would a program that worked fine with saving to the server previously, now suddenly have problems? We're on a limited budget and cannot really afford to buy site licenses for new software, especially since the software we have is more than adequate for what we need.  I certainly could not convince the powers that be that we need to buy new software for just this one problem.

Thanks for any further insight.
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loinclothAuthor Commented:
I don't administer the server itself as it resides in another teacher's room (don't ask me why it is set-up this way, I've only been here a few months and don't want to question too much, ya know?) I will find out though.

When you say "run norton" and "fresh system," could you be a bit more specific please. Do you mean defrag the files on the server? More than that?  Being the new guy and all, I want to sound like I know in detail what I am doing.

Also, out of curiousity:  why would files from Appleworks save to the server (albeit, slowly), while files from older programs not save, if the problem is fragmented files?

Would something like Tech Tool be of any value in dealing with this problem?
Norton basically does the same thing TechTool does only i prefer Norton. Never been a big fan of TechTool since the bug in it that would cause issues with HDs a while back. So, running norton would be a good idea as it cleans up things that could cause problems. Defragging the HD with Norton Speed Disk wouldnt be a bad idea either. By a fresh system i mean reinstalling a new set of system software that isnt potentially missing parts, have corrupted parts, or superfluous issue causing  bits in it.

Now with your 3rd paragraph youve confused me. Are you using ClarisWorks or AppleWorks..theres a big difference. Isnt Claris/AppleWorks the one having problems saving to the server? Is it reversed now and older programs are having problems and Apple/ClarisWorks is fine?

Fragmented files could be an issue but if other programs can save documents fine its probably not your culprit.
loinclothAuthor Commented:
We have Appleworks installed on only 3 computers and have ClarisWorks 3.0 on all of them.

It is with older programs that we have the problem.  Appleworks is saving to the server, but it is REALLY slow in doing so.

Now, when you say install new system software, I assume you mean on the server?

Ok so AppleWorks works fine but ClarisWorks doesnt?

Yes when i say install fresh system software i mean on the server. The client machines sound fine.
If messing with the server doesn't work, you could create an applescript that would do the transfer to the server for you.

The script "Alert when folder changes" might be a good starting point. (It's in the Apple Extra's\Applescript folder).
loinclothAuthor Commented:

As I stated above:

We can "save Appleworks files to the server. But the problem is, we used to be able to save files from ClarisWorks and all of our older programs (e.g., Bilingual Writing Center) to the file server, and now, suddenly, we cannot."

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to run Norton's yet as apparently someone has walked off with the disks. So, basically, I'm on hold at least until Monday.

I will award points on this by Tuesday... I won't keep anyone hanging on this.
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