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Automated Distribution Lists

I'm looking for an automated way to build Outlook 98 distribution lists from the Global Address List.
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Automated in what way, e.g. when new mailboxes are created.

I take it you are talking about personal distribution lists
I have only used Outlook 97 and Outlook 2000, so I am not sure about 98(is there really and Outlook 98?).

If by automated you simply meant a distribution list(which automates mailing) here is how in 95 and 2000, see if one is available.

In Outlook 2000, click;
|FILE| > |NEW| > |Distribution List|

If 98 doesn't have the availability, as 97 didn't, you have to go into the Personal Address Book, and create a distribution list there.  Then, when you click the TO within an e-mail, change the "Show Names from the: " to Personal Address Book(Usually this is Contacts")

I hope this is in the ball park.  If not, please elaborate.
dparke8Author Commented:
The distibutions lists I'm trying to build consist of thousands of names. Cutting & Pasting is a bit tedious...
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So what form are all the names stored in at the moment
dparke8Author Commented:
Cuurently, we're cutting & pasting user ids into the DL wizard. After the wizard has resolved all the ids with the Global Address List, we save the DL for later use...
There are some third-party tools that can automatically build and maintain DLs, based on various queries to the GAL. See http://www.slipstick.com/contacts/dl.htm.

dparke8Author Commented:
This looks promising! Thanks for the tip...
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