Requery combobox in datasheet view

I have a subform datasheet, with the following columns...

Category  Product  Price

Category and Product columns are both comboboxes.  The rowsource for Products depends on the selection in the catagory combobox, however when i requery the product combobox, it requeries for all records on the datasheet, not for the current record, causing data to 'disappear' from other records.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?  I tried making the form in continious form view with the same results.  Please help!

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BrianWrenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't need to requery that box.

In the Afterupdate of the Category combo ptu the following, (presuming the products combo is named 'cboPrd'):

     Me!cboPrd.RowSource = "SELECT * FROM tblProducts WHERE [CategoryID] = " & Me!cboCat

When you set that RowSource, the combo will adapt itself without a requery.


PhoatAuthor Commented:
i did that also... but lets say i choose vegetables from the categories column.  The cboPrd column's rowsource will change and i'll be able to pick lets say tomatoes....

but when i goto the next record, and i choose fruit for the categories column, the products column updates its rowsource and the previous record's value disappears.  It changes the rowsource for ALL the records, not just the current one... Im in datasheet view, don't forget.

PhoatAuthor Commented:
Ok i got it to work i think....

I'll let you know once i test it a bit

Using controls that will change, in datasheet or continuous form views is problematic.

When you change the RowSource, you change the definition of that type of control, for that form.  So they all change.  

I suspect that the underlying data in the table stays the same though...

I would really recommend swtching to single form view, and using the OnCurrent event as well to coordinate these two combos as you move from record to record...


PhoatAuthor Commented:
i got it work.... Thanks!

The problem was that i was requery-ing the cbo after changing the rowsource, so it would update the display and erase the entries that didn't meet the criteria in the underlying SQL.  It worked after i took out the requery method from the cbo.

Thanks again.

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