JDialog, OK, and CANCEL


  I'm using a JDialog and I created it as modal...after I add my components to it, how do I get it to pop up? How do I get its return result? does it automagically come with OK and CANCEL buttons or do I have to add them in myself?

Thank you,
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heyhey_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
1) use dialog.setVisible(true);
2) you have to add the buttons yourself
3) add ActionListeners to these buttons and set some dialog field on button press. than you can check that field later from your main app.
jwilcoxAuthor Commented:
So if I keep a reference to GroupBox, and to my Combo Boxes, when the dialog returns, I could probably just access them to get which value is set, correct?

Thank you!
From the Java 2 API:
Show a warning dialog with the options OK, CANCEL, title 'Warning', and message 'Click OK to continue':
     Object[] options = { "OK", "CANCEL" };
     JOptionPane.showOptionDialog(null, "Click OK to continue", "Warning",
               null, options, options[0]);

This showOptionDialog will return an int 0 for OK, 1 for CANCEL
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jwilcoxAuthor Commented:
Thank you for trying to help adam923, but I'm trying to do a custom dialog, beyond what JOptionPane can do, so I can't use that.

Thank you for the suggestion, however.
ok, sorry i misunderstood you
hi jwilcox
for poping up the JDialog u have to have some event
say for example if i have a button called ShowDialog so when i click the button it should show me the JDialog so what u have to do is register the button for ActionEvent then in method  setJDialog visible

JDialog jd = new JDialog(//what ever params are)
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
  then if u have text field in jd then u can say

  String s =   jd.jtf.getText();  

jwilcoxAuthor Commented:
Sorry for taking so long!
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