VML Pie Chart

Can anyone solve the VML Pie Chart in the ASP forum?
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BigRatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To be honest I would not attempt to write a browser based pie chart generator, since the functionality is simply too limited to make it of general use. You can see that when you try and separate out bits of the MS script just to see what is what. The thing is a master piece of coding, not a single comment telling you what it is doing. I would get fired for writing unmaintainable code like that.
   I would however attempt to write one in Perl using Gimp or something similar. Where the pie chart would be a gif file. But that is outside the topic area. Thats Rat's humble opinion. Sorry.
Why don't you try an applet with a pie chart bean from KL group?


There is a free evaluation version to download.
ahhhAuthor Commented:
Humility is seldomly rewarded...BigRat today is your day!

Rats are always grateful no matter how small the cheese! Thanks.
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