Runtime Error 20532

I'm trying to trouble-shoot an old visual basic program that was written for a small company in my area.
the problem is that the guy that origionally wrote this program has passed on and didn't give the source code for the program.
I've installed the program and have gotten it running except that I get a runtime error 20532 whenever I try to print anything.
I had talked to the fellow about 6 months ago (2 months before he passed away) and he had mentioned something about registering a database within windows manually but couldn't remember how.

The exact error is
Run-time error "20532"
Missing database DLL

appreciate any help,

Don FaulknerMIS ManagerAsked:
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There is no easy way to figure out what is missing.
A couple of things to try to troubleshoot ...

1 - Is there a complete running version of this application on any PC anywhere at that small company?

If there is, you might be able to identify DLL files on that machine that are dated around the same time frame as the EXE and possibly one of those might be the missing link.

If there is no running version, is it possible that the company may have some old backup disks/tapes that might be restored to a PC that could have a running version?

2 - What is it that is going to be printed - e.g. an invoice, a report - in other words is it something that is likely to be generated from a set of records?

3 - Since you have the program running and it is capable (I hope) of adding or updating information - can you identify the file the information is stored in? It's name and extension?

This might give a clue as to the database - and let's hope it isn't a proprietary concoction of the deceased developer.

Printing generally doesn't have anything to do with a database per se, unless there is an older version of Crystal Reports or some other Report Generator tool that was being used as part of the application?

4- Which brings the bigger question - what version of VB?  And approximately when was the Application created?

5- Is it a true executable or is it a P-Code executable?

Other experts help here - if it were a p-code exe could the exe be dumped using a hex viewer to provide any clues, i.e. embedded strings, etc.

6 - Are there any old docs, a specification, a quote, or better yet an itemized invoice for that developers services and software that he provided?
Anything.  Old e-mails, letters, a proposal.

7 - How good are the memories of the people at the company about any meetings or conversations about the application at the time it was being developed?

In reality, it may end up easier to recreate the application from scratch.  However, you never know, you could get lucky from some of this detective work.

regsvr32 yourdbdll.dll
Search through the code for the number "20532". It is probably a user defined error
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if you could put the code which gives troble here,that'll be easier to find the prob.

if the program was written in a vb version before vb5 then it probably mean some thing very different from what we use to think.

if it's possible to access the DB, then it should not give any prob while printing.
try to see which line of code exactly fails in debug mode

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
Hey guys, reread the question:
.... and didn't give the source code for the ... (wink)

The question you can ask is:
What type of database is it?

I think you have to get the guy on the phone again for the database dll, but i agree that this should not be the source of your printing problem.
I think (again???) that the application may expect a specific printer (driver/name/...) that is not present, or somethink similar. Again, the only thing I see is to recontact the guy.

Good luck

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I believe Ark may have your solution.

Don FaulknerMIS ManagerAuthor Commented:
The person in question is Dead now.
It might be looking for a specific printer, I'd like some more info.

Don FaulknerMIS ManagerAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 500 to 600
Don FaulknerMIS ManagerAuthor Commented:
I ran debug on the program and the dll that seems to be missing is pdbxbse.dll
I did a search of the net and it seems this guy mixed up vb3 and dbase when writing this prog.
I'm gonna try angelIII 's idea about getting ahold of the old 'puter tommorrow (mon).
pleae email me that app that you're talking about.

Gettin closer.....
thanks for the help....
Don FaulknerMIS ManagerAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took so long to get back and
award the points, it turns out that the guy had installed some old crystal printer drivers in the system that were not on his installation disks.....
Thanks for the help.....
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