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I can't select text at some websites

I commonly select and copy text from websites to paste into documents, my Palm III or for other uses. I have noticed recently that at some websites, the text won't select when I drag the mouse across it. I suppose this could be a problem with my browser, Netscape 4.51, but I wonder if it is possible for a website to be configured to prevent selecting of text. Does anyone know anything about this?
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which site?
Yeah, we need to see a site, but the interesting part to me is how did iwin post a comment before the answer was posted? I show iwin posting a comment at 11:35am when donander's questions wasn't asked until 11:37am!

It might be an image or a java applet displaying the text. Otherwise, it should be selectable.

The time stamp is a bug here that they are trying to fix, in this case it was only a few minutes, I have seen some that was almost an hour difference??
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Ah, at least you didn't answer my post before I asked it - that would have been too freaky! ;)
the text you are trying to drag in this specific site might be a graphic... some sites use pictures which contains the text, see if that's the reason...
the text you are trying to drag in this specific site might be a graphic... some sites use pictures which contains the text, see if that's the reason...
Another way to disable text or graphics copy, it's when you put an invisible layer on top of it. This is sometimes used to protect pictures...

Maybe it's the case here ;-)
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donanderAuthor Commented:
Here is the URL.


If I try to select a large area of text I see the international "NO" symbol (the circle with the diagonal bar.) This often happens if you try to drag a graphic BUT If I right-click on the text I do not see the "save image as" choice in the context menu as I would if I right-clicked on a graphic.

I currently have two instances of Netscape running, one with this page and one showing the page specified by the URL above. I just noticed that if I drag across some text on the other page, then switch to this page, then switch back to the other page, the text is now selected. If I do this multiple times, the previous text does not become UNselected as is usually the case when you select other text on a page when some text is already selected.

Have at it.
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Humm, very strange?? It will copy but does not show up as highlighted until you leave the page and return??

I click at the beginning and drug it to the bottom, it didn't highlight the text but when I right click and choose "copy", came to this page and pasted it, then went back and the text was highlighted then??
I can select it all too. What happens if you go to the Edit menu and click the Select All menu item. Did all the text get selected?

donanderAuthor Commented:
I think I have as much info as I need. Thanks to all. Since rayt333 was the 1st to paste text I will accept that as the answer. Thanks everybody.
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