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Computer performance

Posted on 2000-03-27
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-27

I have two dell workstations
Dual 300Mhz PentiumII
66Mhz bus
256MB Memory

Single 550Mhz PentiumIII
100Mhz bus
256MB Memory

I want to use one of the machines as a web server running WinNT 4.0 IIS 4.0.  Generally speaking which of these two machines is faster, and why?


Question by:jvieira
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Expert Comment

ID: 2661460
If I were a betting person, I would say that the penium III550 system would be for the following reasons :

1) Not all applications are designed to take advantage of multiple processors, and I don't think you web server software would.

2) You will not receive full processor availability of the DUAL pentium computer due to the overhead of managing the traffic to and from the processors.

3) A bottleneck exists in the first system also, with the 66Mhz bus.

If someone can discredit this go ahead, I am always looking to learn more.  Please provide supporting articles so I can read them also.

Expert Comment

ID: 2662326
I would have to agree with that, except for one thing.

If you system is going to have a lot of disk access, you will be much better off with SCSI disks. I would take the SCSI disks out of the P2-300 and put them in the P3-550. That would be best.

Expert Comment

ID: 2662511
I believe the 550Mhz processor will make a better option. I have to agree with jjeff1 that it'll make a better option to change the SCSI HD to replace the IDE HD. SCSI are faster.
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Expert Comment

ID: 2662614
If the motherboard and the BIOS support UltraDMA (33 or 66), then the IDE disks will perform approximately the same as the SCSI disks.

Author Comment

ID: 2665725
I can't switch the scsi disks with the ide.

Accepted Solution

TheNever earned 75 total points
ID: 2667889
If its a going to be high traffic, i would suggest using the dual system (1).

Its a close tie mainly because of the fact that the dual system has the 66mhz bus.

Having access to two processors is a lot better than having access to one. EVEN if the program isnt optimizied for a dual system it will still run the program faster ( WinNT usually makes up for it, its special that way :-). Also IIS 4.0 requires a version of NT installed and therefore it should also be optimizied for dual processors. According to everything in my latest MCSE material, it is.

Another good reason is the fact that the dual system has a SCSI drive in it.

If you got some money to blow on it then.....

I have seen dual P2 motherboards for around $150 (boxed) and they can hold up to a 450mhz. They also have a 100mhz bus, IF you could get one and install it, you'd be even better off. But, if you cant then the dual system is still probably a better idea as it is.

Lastly, there is always the dreaded concept we call overclocking, that would solve the 66mhz problem, but, if it has to be stable, then naturally, dont do it.

On a note to Celtics.............

WinNT 4.0 Workstation.Pure 32 bit code, no nasty 16/32 like Win95/98. Most programs designed to soley run on WinNT can and do take advantage of two processors (if two or more are installed). Also, like i said above, IIS 4.0, has to have NT Workstation, or NT Server installed, therefore allowing it to take advantage of a dual system.

Hope this helps. If anyone wants to contact me, drop me a line at

-- The Never

Expert Comment

ID: 2668630
i'd agree that the dual processor machine would be faster, it's got the scsi disk.  but i also agree that there is a bottle neck with the bus.

the dual processor machine would be faster, though i think that maybe if you took the 100 bus and stuck it into the dual processor machine, you will have a better setup overall

Expert Comment

ID: 2668631
i'd agree that the dual processor machine would be faster, it's got the scsi disk.  but i also agree that there is a bottle neck with the bus.

the dual processor machine would be faster, though i think that maybe if you took the 100 bus and stuck it into the dual processor machine, you will have a better setup overall

Expert Comment

ID: 2669728
How can he do that ?

Author Comment

ID: 2670302
Shouldn't there be a button next to TheNever's comment so I can accept it as an answer?

Author Comment

ID: 2670433
never mind

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