Crystal Reports Parameters


I get the possible values for a
parameter field out of a database table.
When I add a record to that database table, how can I automatically add this record to the possible values of that parameter? I really don't want to change my report every time I add a record to that table.

But how do you dynamically expand the number of parameter values, from code?

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RONSLOWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
don't think you can .. unless perhaps id you use the ActiveX control .. it is a lot more flexible.

What I was suugesting is write a little app the does the prompting itself (eg. reads the dat arom the database, populates a combo box and displays a dialog).  It would then open the report, set the parameter values accordinhly and start the report.
It is usually best to drive Crystal from (say) a vb app, as even the new improved tabbed parameter entry dialog is not really that nice.
TRABAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
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TRABAuthor Commented:
OK Ronslow, I've come up with that myself, but you get the points.
(I'm just a bit dissapointed it isn't possible)
there are lots of disappointing things in the C++ Crystal interface .. the documentation for one :-)

For exmaple, there is a nifty technique for dynamically changing pictures in reports bassed on data in a database (eg the file name).  But this only works for the ActiveX control .. the C++ interface just doesn't have the hooks one needs.
TRABAuthor Commented:
What I really don't like about Crystal Reports 7 is the graphing functionality. It is so weak. Ever tried to make a diagram with a date-time axis where you want to display minutes?

Thanks again.
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