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Using audio, how can I optimise my system.

I'm using software to record audio into my PC.

Recently I added a second faster hard drive to get more room to use audio.

This second drive is much better than the first drive (I don't have all it's details here), but it does not seem to be performing any better than the previous drive did when the wave files resided on it.

Is there any way to better my systems performance without having to buy additional hardware, or is there any software available which will improve the performance without interferring in the software I'm running (incedently I'm using "Emagic Logic Audio" if any of you are familiar with this).
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First, go into the "Control Panel" and double click on the "System" icon. Now open the "Performance Tab" and see how much of your system resources are free. The more, the better. You want to be at least close to 90% Free.

To better optimize this click on "Start" and then "Run" and type in "msconfig" (without the quote marks), and press enter.

Turn off everything that you can do without under the "Startup" section. I believe you need to leave on the SystemTray. Reboot your computer and see if you have more system resources available. If you do you should see a definite improvement overall in the system performance.
Hope this helps.  
There are many things that can affect your drive performance..

Do not connect your new drive with your old drive with the same cable, if you have secondary port, use it instead..
'Cause your new drive may being forced to use your old drive speed if you connect it with the same port.

Have you enabled DMA mode on your new drive ?, if not, you should enable it, because it will improved your drive speed.

You can try to set your computer as a network server in the performance setting.

Set your virtual memory setting as static, maybe you can set it size about 384 MB or 512 MB, don't let windows manage your virtual memory, this will speed up your start up process.
Let me know if it works...:)

Always make the fastest drive the primary master ("first HDU") and the slow one the primary slave, or the slower one will keep up the faster one!

Alternative , make one HDU the primary master , and put the second drive on your secundary controller connector on the motherboard so it becomes the Secundary master.

See your bios -> standard setup to know how things are configured in the present situation.
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marcomaAuthor Commented:
I've tried what you suggested 10Bad boy but it didn't improve things!

arief lim how do I enable DMA mode on my new drive? And how do I set my virtual setting as static?

Skye, how do I make the fastest drive the primary master and the slower one the primary slave? Bear in mind all I want on my fast disk is Audio only and nothing else?
skye, if you put the old and the new disk together on the same port, even if you set the new disk as a master it'll slowdown the transfer rate, until it match the old drive speed.

marcoma, to enable DMA mode:
- right click on MY COMPUTER icon
- select properties
- select the DEVICE MANAGER tab
- double click the DISK DRIVES tree
- double click GENERIC IDE DISK TYPE46
- click on SETTINGS tab
- put a check mark on DMA
- restart your computer later after you set your virtual memory as static

to set your virtual memory as static,
- back on your system properties
- click the PERFORMANCE tab
- click on VIRTUAL MEMORY button
- click LET ME SPECIFY..bla..bla.. radio button
- Fill in minimum size as you desire, but keep in mind that you have to fill it at least twice as much as your RAM is.
- make the same size as the minimum, for the maximum setting
- and it will be much better if you put it in your new drive, so change the location to your new drive.
- then you have to restart your computer.

If you want to make your new drive as primary master, then you have to re-install your windows and all of your software. Because it will never find it link again.

Hope that will help you..
marcomaAuthor Commented:
OK arief lim, I have a second port which has my regular CD player and a  CD writer attached.

Can I change the way I have these devices attached eg. put my first drive and the CD player in one port, and with the other port put the second faster drive and the CD writer?

Would this work?
It's better to connect your new drive with your cd-rom drive, because some cd-rom drive may have dma support especially if it from newest model.

Because cd writer may only have it's maximum reading speed at 8x,16x maybe 24x not as fast compared to CD-ROM which has maximum speed for today drive at 36x, 40x, even 50x and also it is too risky to use DMA with CD-writer.

So I think your best config is :
On primary port:
- Old drive as master
- CD-writer as slave
- You might want to enable DMA support, I have myself Yamaha 4416 CD-RW, when I turn DMA support, in the middle of writing process, it just hang. so if you encounter any problem with that, disable DMA support.

On secondary port
- New drive as master
- CD-ROM drive as slave
- Enable DMA support
Hey ,Skye is right. The primary master has the fastest access for any drive in the system >not even secondary master has such access. it's BIOS rules and the order is Primary master, slave, secondary master, slave. So the fastest HDD should be in the primary master not slave. And use virutal memory a minimum of 3 times your RAM and a maximum of 5 times. it will do wonders for you. increases speed by 30-40% for your type of applications.
Hmm...hari I don't think so...
It's true primary port has priority to be the first port to acces compare with secondary port, but if the device that attach to the primary port doesn't have the same transfer speed as the port, still it will not as good as the device that attach to the secondary port that have the same transfer rate as the port.

About using virtual memory as minimum as 3 times of your computer RAM, that depend on how many application will run simultanously on your computer, why you have to waste space if it did not use by your computer, unless you're sure that it will be used by windows.
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