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I have a IIS 4.0 webserver at my website and until now I did analyze the logs with Microsoft Site Server. Since we have included a Domino webserver working together with the IIS, I want to know if Domino has a similar tool from a functional point of view. I know Domino logs all the access to the nsf's it serves but I can't find the tool to analyze and generate the reports.

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cfmrulezConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The best solution to perform an exhaustive analysis of your Domino logs is Webtrens (http:\\www.webtrends.com) for Domino.

Exist a free evaluation you can test by yourself. I've tested so many tools, an this is the more completed.

Absolutely Internet focused tool, this tool will give you all the info you need.

The problem is that is extern to Domino, you must buy them.

Hope this helps,
There is some third party log analysis tool available like net.Analysis from net.Genesis and also web trend.

The tools can be used to analysis log files from almost all major web servers, including IIS, Netscape Enterprise Server, Domino, etc...


What kind of stats/events are you looking for that you cannot find in the Notes Log, Statrep Log, Certification Log and Domino Log?

St. Harris
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