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RE: Opengl32.dll and Matrox G200

System is a GW2K, 150mhz w/96mb ram. Matrox G200PCI@16mb and Quake2 and Descent run just fine.
I just installed half-life. I got a message saying my video card doesn't support opengl. So I took the opengl32.dll@110KB(from the Q2 folder) and put it in the folder Sierra subfolder called "gldrv" I also added a line in the drvmap.txt file as"opengl32.dll. And it appeared in my choices for configuration in HL. This seems to have worked, sort of. I don't get the original error message but--
1. Sierra says Matrox is supposed to have a minigl driver for HL
2. Matrox says "There is no need for a MiniGL drivers (OpenGL32.dll) HL will use the full ICD included with the drivers" I don't know what ICD!
3 When I close HL I get an illegal operation message on opengl32.dll and my monitor setting is changed from 800x600 to 640x480.
Anyone have experience with HL and the Matrox G200 PCI running together?
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1 Solution
Do you have dx 7a?
have you tried the matrox ref drivers?

i dont think the quake and HL drivers are compatible...
jjfarmAuthor Commented:
My directX is 7.0a
Hi kooltek,
I have the latest Matrox drivers(feb/2000). However Matrox does not "certify" all their latest drivers. The certified driver is dated may 99. I tried both.
I would not believe the Q2 and HL opengl drivers are compatible but Matrox doesn't have an opengl driver for HL, so where would I get one? if one exists!!
What bugs me is I can't remember where I got the Q2 opengl32.dll.
Anyway, I don't believe Matrox knows what their doing or maybe I should say they know they just aren't going to tell anyone. HL has three choices for video, software, opengl and 3dfx, software is stupid, I don't have 3dfx and Matrox says I don't need opengl.
Which one would you pick?
directx doesn't use opengl32.dll, and quake doesn't use directx. also q2 and halflife will use the same drivers. opengl32.dll is the ICD that matrox is referring to. opengl32.dll comes with windows.

your posts are kinda confusing to me, what brand of matrox card is this? marvel,millenium....?  minigl is only needed for voodoo chipsets, opengl is needed for everything else (matrox included) you will need to reinstall the latest drivers for your brand. then you need to choose default opengl for halflife/.
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Quake does use DirectDraw, which is part of DirectX, and Direct3D. so even though it doesnt use the Direct3D API, it needs DirectX to run. Thats why its required to install at least DirectX 6 before you can play Quake 3, and DirectX 5 before you can play Quake 2. Even GLQuake required DirectX. And how do you expect windows to render color, graphics and the dynamics if DX is not installed? The OpenGL API is not independent of the operating sytem, and Quake 2 and Quake 3 both require Win32, and its built in components...

jjfarm, i have never had a Matrox board, but every other board i used with ref drivers seemd to work fine. it was just a suggestion... i guess you would have to talk to the Matrox guys, but Matrox never did have solid OGL drivers... sorry i couldnt help much....

 - Tek

jjfarmAuthor Commented:
Looked over my comments, one thing I missed. On the three video choices, the only one that will allow me to get past the opening is to choose "software" and thats terrible!!
Even though Matrox says I should not have an opengl.dll under HL I put my Q2 one directly under the HL folder and in an HL subfolder in a file called drvmap.txt I inserted a text line saying "default opengl32.dll" HL acccepts opengl(it also will show up in the configuration-video mode selection box) and I can make the durn thing work. Graphic quality is fair, movement is jerky and sound is the pits.
In other words it works only if your really bored out of your wits would you consider playing the game.
ps do you want any points for your replies?
thanks... i wouldnt mind the points....

but have you tried running in Direct3D mode? I think half-life is both D3D and OGL... good luck...
I went to sierra's website and looked up the following under support:  

Matrox G200 OpenGL support
There seems to be no support for the Matrox G200 under OpenGL.

Update drivers.

In order to play under OpenGL in Half-Life with the Matrox G200 the
latest drivers and bios for the video card will be needed.

Download the latest Windows 95/98 drivers from: 

The file name is:

1677_451.exe  (AGP version only)

The latest Matrox Unified Bios can be downloaded from:

The file name is:


Please be sure to follow Matrox's instructions for more information on installing
these updates.
thanks for the input regarding my answer.
I had this card in my machine up until I upgraded to my G400MAX and I had Half-Life running without any problems.

I always kept my card's BIOS updated to the latest version, and used the latest drivers available with the card.

When the card was new, the ICD was available as a separate installtion package. Since then Matrox has included the ICD in their drivers.

1.) Download the file linked here:

2.) Completely uninstall your current version of Powerdesk and all drivers. Information about doing this correctly can be found here:

3.) Install the drivers, reboot your system and set up your display settings again. OpenGL will be installed for your card in Windows, and DirectX 6.0 and up will correctly detect it in all games.

4.) Have fun playing Half-Life, and watch out for face huggers!

jjfarmAuthor Commented:
Note that I had stated I had the latest drivers.
Fixed the problem with a Dell 800 Mhz
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