Very easy question!!!!

I need HTML-viewer (even not a Internet browser but browser inside downloaded page) to read HTML files.

The main problem is it must works on PC 286, RAM 1Mb with MS-Windows 3.1 or MS-DOS!!!!!  

Where can I download this browser for FREE? Can you help me???
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lgroverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to to find DOS Internet software that can run on a 286 with limited memory.  There are two interesting HTML readers (web browsers) that can run in your system.  Both (a text based browser similar to lynx in UNIX) and (a graphical browser) will run in your system.  However, in order to use the graphical web browser, you must have at least EGA graphics.
why don't you try the following sites

they all have good file libraries.

good luck

I know the older version of Opera will work on very slow machines, check at
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MasonokAuthor Commented:
All what I found - I386 and RAM 4 Mb...
according to Opera's documentation as 386SX with 6MB RAM should do.  I'd try it out and see what happens. :)

how 'bout Lynx for DOS?  it says it'll need a 386, but I'm not sure (haven't tried it).
MasonokAuthor Commented:
I need program only for 286!
argh, not even QNX' demodisk seems to be able to run on a 286...

I thought DosLynx would be able to run on a 286...

Google to the rescue!

seems you can try either Arachne or NetTamer:
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