FTP DLL/Source code

I need to implement a few FTP operations. I don't want to use Inet functions. I need some easy to insert source code, or a compiled 32-bit DLL. Asynchronous operations support would be good.

I don't want an OCX nor COM object, for some reason I'm unable to implement those correctly in my dll, see http://www1.experts-exchange.com/Computers/Programming/Windows/MFC/Q_10319722.html

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> I don't want to use Inet functions.

Why not?  To me, that's the easiest way to go.

You should delete your duplicated questions, BTW.

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MikeP090797Author Commented:
Why not? too many distribution problems. The software is to run on many different flavors of 32 bit windows, including old win95 osr, which I believe don't have even IE3
MikeP090797Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
Try ftp - search for wget.zip
As far as I can remember it contains all sources you could need.
Unfortunately I can not remember where I downloaded them
try search!
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