Email set-up and management?

Posted on 2000-03-29
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Last Modified: 2013-12-25
I am about a create a website for a small UK company.  They will get Network Solutions to transfer their domain name to my host (Pair.com)  How do I set up email address for everyone in the company (about 20 people)?  I know how to create a .mailproto file to forward mail to free mail addresses, and I know how to tell the customer to adjust their mail client to send mail from theirname@theirdomain.com BUT that doesn't seem like the most professional way to do it.  How should I do it?  Should I hire a 3rd party mail service or something?
Question by:Kapow
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Expert Comment

ID: 2668822
if the company haven't got their own ISP that can supply them with e-mail capabilities, a 3rd party mail service sounds like the best choice, in my opinion.

you could of course use pair.com as the mail handler, provided they supply that service (my host does).

Author Comment

ID: 2669218
The company's contract is soon to expire with their ISP, so they have asked if I can manage their email.  This is a bit new to me as I have only recently begun my website business.  Pair do not offer SMTP, they do offer POP.  If the company's domain name points to a Pair server - can a 3rd party ISP still provide the mail sending servide? (thats SMTP isn't it).  If so - how do I arrange that or point them in the right direction?  How is this sort of thing normally arranged under these circumstances?  

Expert Comment

ID: 2669426
it's fairly new to me too, I haven't done a thing like this before, I just happen to know a bit about how e-mail works. :-)

they'll have to have some kind of connectivity to the 'net anyway, which means that they'll have an ISP.  how else will they be able to check their e-mail?  if that ISP allows outgoing e-mail from inside their network, they can use the ISP's SMTP-server.

if not, say because the ISP don't allow people to send e-mail unless they have a from-address with the right domain, I'd probably go out and look for a 3rd party complete mail-solution, giving both POP & SMTP (and maybe IMAP too).

I'm not sure how easy it is to get access to an outside SMTP server for them if they choose to use Pair for their POP services.  from where I'm sitting it would sound like they'd have to ask someone to relay their mail, making the SMTP server open for spam.  but I may be wrong.
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Author Comment

ID: 2673401
What is IMAP?

Expert Comment

ID: 2673426
IMAP stands for "Internet Message Access Protocol".  it's as far as I know most commonly used as a mail protocol (in the same way POP is).

http://www.imap.org/whatisIMAP.html looks like a good explanation.

Expert Comment

ID: 2681840
If i got-it right, you want all your users to send and receive mail from their PC`s, via the company`s server, and have the domain signature on-it.

I have the script for this, with or without web-based mail, and i can also
recommend you a host.

Contact me :



Author Comment

ID: 2682973
Thanks Aibee - what is a domain signature? does that mean that the domain points to that server?  Could I still host the site at my chosen host and my customer send mail from their server?
There are only 15 employees at the company.  Should they get a server? It would be expensive and require maintenance. Is it better to use a 3rd party email service? If so - how is this done? - I only know about forwarding mail (usually to a free mail address) and getting the mail client to 'send from' an address with their domain name.  This is all new to me - it just seems that there must be a more professional arrangement for a small company.  Is there?

Accepted Solution

aibee earned 440 total points
ID: 2683560

The professional way to run your internal / external Email service is to send and receive mail via your company`s server, the same used for hosting your Website, and you don`t need another arrangement, a serious host will enable you to do so.

POP is for receiving incoming Email,
SMTP is for outgoing mail,
when you send Email say from : cio@your-company.com, it is sent via your ISP (access provider), and the header shows :
<Received: from mail.home.com >
insted of :
<Received: from your-company@yourserver.com..>

That`s the (big) difference.

Your employees can send and receive Email directly from their PC`s , or from a Web-based mail office, which is an application set on your company`s Website.

I can`t post links to hosts that provides this service, contact me directly : assistant@host-tribune.com


Author Comment

ID: 2711235
Thankyou Aibee
However that still leaves a few questions:
I thought most POP mail sending software allows you to re-set the 'from address', you say that the header shows <Received: from mail.home.com > - am I confusing different things here?  I have other customers who re-set their 'from address' and mail they send looks good to me.

What is a Web-based mail office application? What do they cost? How do I set one up? - is it like Hotmail.com?

Thanks again - Kapow


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