changing the range of a spin control


I have an application where the value of a field changes the range of available values in another field.  From what i've seen, using setrange32 two times doesn't seem to change the previous range of values sent to the spin using the very same function.  Can you tell me if the range can be set and then reset dynamically?

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RONSLOWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Consider your silly ass kicked .. perhaps you can do the same for me sometime, as I kick my own often enough :-)

I think I desrve the pointer .. I suggested that you had two calls.  

Didn't think you'd be silly enough to do it in the same function ;-)

you should not have any problem with changing the range value dynamically by SetRange function. Are you resetting the values in some other function? May be thats what you are running into.
I am not aware of any limitation here.

Try it in debug mode, and trace all calls to SetRange.

Perhaps you are calling it once with the new and then again with the old values.  Or the values you are actually calling with are not what you think they are.
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asavardAuthor Commented:
OK I am an idiot!  Can someone come here and kick my silly ass?  Of course the problem was another function reseting the values.  But worse, the functions were both in the same function.  Well that's what happens when you are bored with some code, you become too lazy to step into it and find a pretty obvious answer...


OK, who deserves those points?
asavardAuthor Commented:

Considering you also explained me some stuff as a comment in another question, i think it at least deserves a couple of pointes heh!

just to make my point..
i think i made that comment first :-)
the problem solved thats what matters..

Have Fun
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