Driver for an AGFA Vision 35 scanner for Win95/98

I need a Driver for an AGFA Vision 35 scanner for Win95/98 as the owner lost it. I have checked on AGFA site and it is not listed as an available driver.

Anyone have one?
Andrew WeppnerAsked:
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fracheConnect With a Mentor Commented:

My answer was right.
Fotolook is free for Afga scanner owner.
( Dongle = Agfa scanner -> You have an Agfa scanner -> no problem )

Your scanner is supported by Fotolook.
Download (9Mo)and make a try ...
Andrew WeppnerAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 100 to 200
is that the model? Vision 35
I couldnt find anything on a vision so you might want to give the model number which should be found on a label either on bottom or on the back.
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Agfa Vision 35 is a film scanner.
It is a discontinued scanner.
Something about this scanner here :
and here :
a part of this article :
FotoLook 2.07 is available in native Power Macintosh language as well as Macintosh and Windows. The new scanner interface supports the following Agfa scanners: Focus II, Focus Color, Focus Color Plus, Arcus, Arcus Plus, Arcus II, Horizon, Horizon Plus, Vision 35, StudioScan, and Studio
Scan II.

Download Fotolook ... this software has included drivers ..

choose : fotolook  ...
Andrew WeppnerAuthor Commented:
I have been to all those sites frache, and the software is to be purchased. This is not a problem if it my last resort. I did state I have checked out the AGFA site and it was a driver for win95/98 I was after.

The model number on the back is Vision 35, but it has ABC Code 3ERUF which may be some model type.

Yes it is a 35mm film scanner.

Any other places or suggestions. I have been to some of the other driver download sites, but they all so far point back to teh AGFA site!

Ok well good luck finding just drivers for that scanner! I looked alittle more into Fotolook and it is the scanning software that probably came with the scanner- It will (Should) provide support for the Vision35 scanner. You do not have to purchase Fotolook it is free software. Download the full file of fotolook (should be like 4Meg) you can get it at the following places:

(I got it from here:)

or you can go here and find that plus many other files:

after downloaded run the setup and then reboot- try to run one of the programs for example "Color Copy" and see if detects your scanner. If not then post back here and we will continue.
Ok well the 1st address I gave you wont work- You have to enter your info
go here to start fresh:
yeah well I said it better---hehe
Andrew WeppnerAuthor Commented:
Yes it was free software and it did also have drivers that Win98 detected on re-starting. Only problem is the scanner is giving Synchronsiation failure now, so maybe it is faulty.

Thanks anyway.


I think it's a SCSI problem :

- Verify terminaison ( www.adaptec - many documents about scsi terminaisons)
- Verify SCSI parameters : speed : choose 5 or 10 Mb. Try asynchronous mode ... etc
With an Adaptec Scsi card, you can change SCSI parameters during PC boot ( crtl A or Q, before SCSI initialisation).  

- Make a try with a basic SCSI card (Adaptec 150X,1520 or 290X etc ... 40$ US)
Andrew WeppnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks I will try that as it has been fitted to a different system with a different SCSI card so that makes sense and it is an Adaptec AHA-1520B card. It has a terminator so I will check what else you have said and possibly use the driver disk not Win98 autodetect

Thanks Again
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