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How Do i Ghost my computer

I nned to ghost my computer can anyone help lease?
1 Solution
Could you be a little more specific as to what you mean by 'ghost'. Are you wanting to hide your computer on a network?

-- The Never
Go purchase Norton Ghost!

then read the manual and go ahead and ghost your computer.
Norton Ghost is a cloning software which will allow you to make one PC identical to another.  I this what you want to do.
Please reject evileban's answer and post some more information
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cykloginAuthor Commented:
i hav enoton ghost and want to hide my computer on a network and files on my computer not using hiddin files explain more about ghost
What do you want to hide it from ?
What os and network have you got ?
If you want to hide your computer on the network, then remove file and printer sharing from properties of network neighbourghood.
But what has Norton Ghost to do with that ?.
Norton Ghost is as already stated a disk cloning software, where you can make an image of your disk and store it on another HD or networkdrive, and later, when your installation is f...... up, can transfer the image back to your HD, making it work again.
I'm a little confused about what you want to accomplish.
I suspect "ghost" was a bad choice of words.  
Removing file and print sharing will not "hide" the computer it will make it inaccessable but other users will still be able to see that it is there.
Get the program "norton ghost", you also need a second harddrive (physical), another partition won't do it. If you're running NT with SP4 you'll need to run (the old version) with the switch ghost -ntil (since the NTFS-driver was changed in SP4)

Dump partition to image file (on the other drive), burn it to CD, make it bootable with the ghost (+ switches) in autoexec.bat and you've made a 5-minute restore CD of your computer.
didn't you bother to read the other comments ?
cyklogin has Norton Ghost.  There seems to be some querry regarding what he is realy trying to achieve.  But then if you read everything you would have seen that.
Asuming I'm reading this correctly - you want to hide your machine from the network.

In Win95/8

Remoce File and Print sharing, as has previously been mentioned.

In WinNT

Goto a DOS console and type

'net service server /hidden:yes'

That will hide your computer from being displayed in the Network Neighbourhood.

Hope that helps.

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