MP3 file converting

I've downloaded a audio file, but its in .ps format. Is there any way of converting this to an mp3 file so I use it on my player? any help appriciated! Flynny
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You can try to open it using a sound editor like CoolEdit or Sound Forge and then save it into mp3 format.

what kind of format is .ps ? I've never seen any file with that.
I've looked at my copy of Cool Edit 96 and it doesn't have support for a PS file. In fact, I think PS is a PostScript file under Windows, so I've no idea how it works out to be an audio format.
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In the past I have downloaded sound files with funny extentions and sometimes if your rename them with .wav or .mp3 they will play.....
You may think it sounds crazy - but it isn't.

I've got music from Audiofind before with this extension - if you simply rename it under dos i.e. Start, Run, "command".  Then change to the directory of the file.  Now type ren "" "newfilename.mp3"

You could rename under explorer - but it occasionally fails to work

Hope that helps

mmanders. you're saying what has already been said.
Sirnick has already mentioned bout renameing the file to either wav or mp3. Now stop proposing answer like that.
flynnyAuthor Commented:
I know this is a wierd file its the first time that I ve got it. yes Iv etried renaming it as well, although wimamp seems to support this file type
it could be an mp3 file, as said by mmanders.  

if not try renaiming it to .zip and opening it.  ive never heard of that format most mp3 sites renmae their mps to some other file extension to avoid detection by their site admins
Just rewrite the file extension to "filename.mp3". before doing that, copy the file to another folder so if that does not work, you will have the original copy.

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