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How do you set up a site with an address like http://msdn.microsoft.com?I am curious about how the msdn.microsoft part of it is set up.
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DKostovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your sites are like http://joesauto.cars.com and
http://fredsauto.cars.com it will be easer for
1. Register the domain name cars.com with a registrar
(e.g. http://www.register.com). Make this domain to
point to your dns server.
2.1. In your dns server assign a unique IP addresses to
fredsauto.cars.com and joesauto.cars.com hosts
2.2 In your dns server assign a the same IP address to
fredsauto.cars.com and joesauto.cars.com hosts
3. Create the sites in your web browser and assign
the same ip addresses that you have in the dns
to the hosts fredsauto.cars.com
and joesauto.cars.com.

The case 2.2 is usefull if you want to assign one ip
address to multiple virtual hosts. That will keep the
number of your IPs.

If you want to use http://www.joesauto.cars.com and
http://www.fredsauto.cars.com make two subdomains
under the domain cars.com - joesauto.cars.com and
fredsauto.cars.com and apply step 2 and 3 for these
subdomains but for the www hosts.

If I missunderstood your needs and you want to make
some virtual hosts to point to your template site just
add a CNAME record in your dns for the particular host
or do it through http redirection.
Jan LouwerensSoftware EngineerCommented:
do you mean how to register the URL? You do it the same way as any other url. The "www" in front, and the "com" at the end are not required, it's just used by most people, but they are certainly not necessary...
jmaloyAuthor Commented:
My question is what do I have to do to set up a site that has a url that looks like the one mentioned above. I am setting up a site that will be a template for other sites. In other words I will have sites like http://www.joesauto.cars.com and
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BTW it's not a bad idea to hire a system administrator for that.
jmaloyAuthor Commented:
I will have a lot of those sites (joesauto, fredsauto,etc). Which way would you recommend. Also, do you know any good sources of information to set this type of thing up.
1. Register a domain:
Go to the registrar's sites and found the best deal for your needs. You can
see the List of Accredited and Accreditation-Qualified Registrars here:

2. The dns model:
I suggest only one domain to be registered (cars.com). After that you just have to add additional hosts to this domain, e.g.
In this way you will simplify the dns maintenance because all of your domain hosts will be in only one dns zone/file.
The other way (in the common case) will require one file per each subdomain.
I suggest to have one ip address assigned to multiple hosts. This will reduce your expences per IP. (You buy the ip addresses).
Good sources to setup the dns server are:
The O'Reilly's dns bible "DNS and BIND" 3rd edition

3. For the web server part you have to look at the documentation of the specific server you'r planning to use.
Basicly your web server will help you with the scenario "one ip for many virtual hosts".

That's only one of the ways to setup your system. It will depend from who your bussiness will depend. I mean if some of the abough services will be provided from someone else etc.
But anyway, if you have no experience with this, I strongly recomend you to hire a system administrator or consultant to setup everything for you at least in the beginning.

Good luck,
> I will have a lot of those sites (joesauto, fredsauto,etc)
doesn't means anything to me, but if you expect to have thousands, it's not bad to think to some billing software to automate the charging of your clients and to automate the maintenance of the sites. I had a link somewhere with almost all the companies for billing software on the US/CA market, but I've lost it somehow. However the bests on the market are:

internet billing
infranet by Portal - these guys have the best system on the Market however it is expsensive
isp power
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