Dcu not found problem when more then 5 installed components in Delphi 3

I’m having a problem with Delphi 3 C/S with too many components installed. When I have more then 5 installed components then I get the error “.dcu not found”. If I uninstall one of the other components and then try to install the first component then Delphi finds the .dcu file.

Is there some ware you can write the source to the .dcu file and by that get Delphi to be able to have more then 5 installed components?
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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
wow comment worked at last :-)

address was

What *might* be happening is that your search path is too long. I think that it is linmited to something on the order of 255 chars. Try putting al the components in the same directory under Delphi and refer to it as $(Delphi)\directory .This should fix it for you. Good luck!!

that error could also mean delphi cant find your new component becausue the path to it is not been added to library search path.
it is at approx menu item:
tools-environment settings-library
you can add path to new comp here.
(or use this to count if your using 255 chars yet.
if you are then use drDelphi's method posted above or
you can get components at torrys
( www.torry.ru )
to make the search path longer(can install millions of comps then) for d3.
i still have these components lying around somewhere i can send if you want them and cant find at torrys..

Regards Barry
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Grayl1Author Commented:
Thanx inthe and DrDelphi...

DrDelphi's solution is probably the simplest way of solving the problem, but still not a good one. If you have many comps installed it will be hard to know which example belongs to which comp...

Sorry inthe but your way of add the search path in tools-environment settings-library didn't work. Still ".dcu not found". Since I don’t know the name of the comp it's quite hard for me to find this comp you talk about. If you could email me the comp as an attachment to erik_83@emaila.nu and it works you will get your 75 points...
Erik, I believe there is a file somewhere in the directory where Delphi is installed containing the searchpaths for the libraries, I don't remember the name of it, but it is there somewhere, or it may have been in the registry. Just open this file/registry-key and add the paths that don't fit into the 255 char editbox in the Delphi settings. I used this method when I was running D3, and it worked fine.

--johan ;o)
Grayl1Author Commented:
Johan, thanx but I would rely need the file name or reg-key name to be able to find it. I have search for both files and reg-keys without finding anything that would fit your description. I would rely be happy if you would find the file/reg-key…
Well, I don't have D3 installed right now, only D5. I found the registry key for my version though, I believe yours it has the same name as mine.

This is what I found:

Should be something similar on your computer, something like:


If you don't find it, you could just open up Delphi, bring up the settings dialog and copy one of the items in the library searchpath. Then just start the registry editor ([windir]\regedit.exe) and search for it. There are several keys storing history stuff, don't get confused by these, just continue the search until you find what you are looking for.

Well...happy searching!

Starting to wonder why I'm not typing swedish....
i have sent the address to gray1 for components to fix the search path problem
this is about 10 times i try to leave a comment here,seems e.e is still not over its problems.
Well...Erik it's up to you now!
Grayl1Author Commented:
Tanx Johan and Inthe.
Johan, your solution doesn't work. delphi writes automatically to that key and it's not working.
Inthe, your address just says "no match". I have searched my self on DSP (Delphi Super Page, ftp.sunet.se/delphi") and found this working link (http://delphi.icm.edu.pl/ftp/d30free/pathwiz.zip) it works but not real as good as I expected.
Anyway, I will give the 75 points to Inthe because he (maybe she, I don't know) came up with the best solution.
Grayl1Author Commented:
Probably the best solution for D3.

Don’t by D3, by D4 or D5!
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